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  1. 7T7

    Judging performance - how to?

    I appreciate all of the feedback. Taken to heart. Now if I can get these old eyes, brain and reactions to cooperate 7T7
  2. So, I've just recently returned to the game. I'm not good at this game but I do care about trying to, at least, not be cancer. Before I left, WN8 was a major part of metrics used to measure performance. At least from the majority of clans' perspectives. I've come to understand, basically, that wn8 is dead and no longer really used for those purposes. So that brings me to my question? Are there any suggested metrics to use for judging performance? DPG? Is that the end all be all? XP per game? WR? A combination? What are those metric targets for a good player (not necessarily purple - but blue-ish I guess - if I can use the wn8 colors for comparison) Please keep in mind I'm not asking for purple standards. I know what those are. I'm not a purple and likely won't ever be at my advanced age and capability. (Don't get me wrong - if I could be that good, I'd choose to be - I just know I'm not and won't ever be) I look forward to hearing from you guys on this. 7T7
  3. 7T7

    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    I apologize for the very poorly worded first post on this. (and the title) Thanks for the answers. As I mentioned, I've just recently come back to the game. I am more than happy to allow wnX to die. I don't even have it installed in game. The answers do present me with another question which I'll ask in another thread as I think it's a bit out of context here. Again, thanks. 7T7
  4. 7T7

    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    Okay.. So two people have attempted to snatch my balls on this... Guess no one is actually interested in answering a legitimate question. There is no 'this thread again.' I fracking know that IT USED TO BE that way. But Gryphon posted that it would be unnecessary. So which is it? A simple confirmation one way or the other would be much appreciated. I'm sure someone with actual reading comprehension will come along and answer me. Or not? 7T7
  5. 7T7

    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    Haswell, I appreciate the link. I read that... along with other posts in the math section. I probably wasn't clear in my question(I'm bad). The 'missing link' for me was... have we fully gone to the avg tank values (v31) instead of the per tank values of v30 (I think so)? If so, is that now an automatic process WHERE TANKS NO LONGER HAVE TO BE ADDED (probably not likely)? IF (just in case) that was the case, then is there a reason that my PV shows 0? Of course the answer appears to be... no, the tank still has to be manually added to some sort of database which will then pull the averaged values against the v31 table. I'm fully aware my original post/question doesn't reflect that level of inquiry but nothing I can do about that now. Thanks, Yo. 7T7 Edit: Reading back over this thread, I'm still not really sure I know the answer to those questions (Soviet Russia said that tank values have to be entered manually - well does that mean we AREN'T using the avg values table?). Only that someone needs to do something manually. Which means I wait. Which is perfectly fine and kosher. Further, at the end of that thread I found this post by Gryphon which increases my confusion... Plan is to move to one set of expected values for each type and tier, using a weighted average. So - for example - all tier 8 mediums will have same values. Apart from zero incentive to play bad tanks, it's all good. Best of all, there wont be a need for updates every patch or whenever a new tank comes out. At this point in the lifecycle of WOT, it will be fine.
  6. 7T7

    Primo Victoria showing 0 WN8

    Fair enough... Figured it was something like that. I didn't know if the tank had to be manually added with the new avg tanks values instead of per tank values. Thanks for the info. 7T7
  7. Hey guys. I'm just coming back to the game after a long hiatus. Had some extra $$ so I bought the Primo Victoria (I collect tenks you see) At any rate... I noticed that the PV is showing a WN8 of 0 in my tank list on wotlabs. Now, I'm not a good player but I'm definitely that bad. I read where we went to average tank values for wn8 but... is there a reason it's showing as 0? Thanks in advance... 7T7