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  1. A display with a narrow viewing angles is great, because it reminds you to sit straight

  2. STA-2 or Patriot should do the job. They're rather flexible and rewarding.
  3. Super_Rybak


    I suppose the 113 is one of these tanks that are good, but extremely frustrating to play.
  4. Super_Rybak


    Spent all my gold to get the 113 because my clan gave out 500 gold to everyone who bought one within a week. No clue why everyone is hyping it so hard. It has no armour and it is huge so it can't sidescrape and it can't go around a corner in any other way either. It is very easy to hit for arty and very rewarding too. It is inaccurate as hell, it is as if Stalin himself is guiding your shots in the wrong direction to piss you off. It has no gun depression at all, so no hull down, no ridge line working no medium tank gameplay. TLDR you can't do anything. You can't
  5. Super_Rybak


    You make it sound so fucking easy. This isn't a cheap shooter, there aren't just obstacles of the perfect size laying around everywhere. With 5 degrees of gun depression you can't even work a bump let alone a ridge. This tank is garbage.
  6. All of this makes me want to quit too
  7. When the premium ammunition on the tank is HEAT i load 50/50, when it is APCR I load 20/80. There are exceptions to this however, e.g. if the AP pen is exceptionally high (Skorpion, Strv), the HEAT is exceptionally good (T-54, STA-2) or the AP is exceptionally bad (KV-5, T32). Because of the millions of credits I have laying around from playing SH I always shoot the type of round that is most effective. And then there is the most important factor which is ^^ This!
  8. There is an undeniable correlation between winrate and wn8. So if there is a huge discrepancy between them (in both directions) there is usually something wrong. If you play well you usually win more and if you win more you usually get to farm more damage in end stage and therefore perform better too. However there are still 14 other players on your team and sometimes you can do your best and you will still loose. No matter which tank you are playing. When you compare my recent wn8 to my wr progressions you don't see much correlation at all. Ok, the peaks are correlated, b
  9. There is a mod like that, because I recall using one years ago. No idea what it is called or where to get it though. What I do is I simply zoom back to 2x whenever I have a free second (e.g. while repositioning). When I switch to sniper I almost always have 2x and can then zoom in if I need to. No need for a mod.
  10. The only mods that make sense are interface mods and for some reason there are quite a few players who like to change their contour icons, markers and reticles. Those mods are too diverse to implement into the game. All other mods are pointless and WoT would be better without them.
  11. Which feature that a mod gives you is missing in the game client then? XVM maybe?
  12. Everyone has these days where he can't focus and doesn't play well. The best advice is, as CraBeatOff mentioned, to simply not play when you're in a bad mood. It's the best to play for fun, not to get this third mark, not to grind the new tank, but just for fun. And if it isn't fun you should stop. Alternatively you can try to relax and cheer yourself up by platooning, listening to your favorite music or drinking a beer. Good luck
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