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  1. You are critical failure when you try to be ' smart ', do you realize this? Of course you do not. ( hard to be ' smart ' if you are not intelligent person, as it turns out ) You can blow as much 'smoke rings ' and put your ' dick ' trough these as you wish. ( Only the ' dick jokes ' alone prove your lack of intelligence. ) But when we compare this to something like 10 000 High calibers, there is quite a difference in ' only the kind ' don't you think? Smart Boy. It is sad that I have to belong in the same breed with
  2. Make fun of me all you want. But if you do go to that site, I did link in my starter post. You will realize that my results are INHUMANE, and INCOMPARABLE. Turns out those are LITERALLY only kind in this World.
  3. Finger goes for you as well @Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks No matter how ' autistic ' I am, I will always be better person than some one such as this. You can ' make fun about ' something you do not understand, even the slightest, as much as you wish.
  4. Here is what I think about your ' garbad ' This goes also for the ones who tell that they do not ' like me ', such is this, Good Luck.
  5. Meme, meme, meme. Must be nice to ' live ' when all you can say / think about is ' meme ' Quite saddening I could say. You say that I am meme? When in reality you are all memes yourself, as you repeat the same matters and act all the same. This is the truth. Also, do you even think before you press the ' negative vote ' button? Of course you do not, critical error as it turns out.
  6. Then you do not, I do not much mind. ' Meme ' this ' Meme ' that. Are these ' Memes ' all you know about? Well but OF COURSE THESE ARE, TURNS OUT YOU PEOPLE ALL ARE THE SAME. AND LIKE TO ACT IN THE SAME WAY. Because ' it is scary ' to think for yourself, is it not? Such is the ' flow ' , my friend.
  7. I do not. I do not see a real reason for it. First I should buy that ' equipment to measure the weight ' as well. As I do not have one in my small apartment. Perhaps I will buy one in the future.
  8. It is ' possible ' , but I do not want to if I have the chance to make the content look more, like I do look as a person myself and from what I do enjoy. Vitamin Pills, Water & Milk, Bread, Vegetables, and Chicken as the meat mostly, And such. I do not eat a lot in general.
  9. For sure it could be possible to ' have both ', did not deny this. But as I did tell you, I have set my belief to High Intelligence rather. My body does relatively well, considering that I only feed myself with healthy food. This is absolutely enough and I am satisfied to this. ' Gym ' is not my place, and never will be that is ridiculous, I will rather train my mind. I will focus my efforts to where I will get use from. I also do think that being ' compact ' size is advantageous.
  10. I wonder if you do have ' good genes ' ? I think that you may not have, considering the way, how you do discuss with people. ' Small & Pathetic ' ? Perhaps. However, I have always set my belief to high intelligence, rather, than ' physical strength ' Why you may ask ? Because High intelligence will ALWAYS be there to help you, while physical ' strength ' will not be.
  11. I do not think that ' up-votes ' mean as much as people do think. In the end, these come from ' people ' and as you do know. People can disagree EVEN with something that is correct. I do not ' play ' my dear E-25 for the ' Wn8 ' This is how ignorant people do think. I do ' play ' her because SHE IS EXACTLY what I am as a person. In fact, you lowering my statistics will actually help me would you believe it?, I will get ' focussed ' so much more less, my friend. This would be rather excellent in fact. Also it seems that you
  12. So I assume that you will have your ' fun ' then Indeed and possibly ' remove me ' again? Even when I did not do anything incorrect half a year ago, I think that it was. Your moderator friend did call me in your ' chat ' wanting me to ' prove ' something. And as I came there as the moderator did wish, then I got removed from here, which is rather interesting don't you think?
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