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  1. This was already explained by wargaming: "At the same time, the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B resemble the VK 72.01(K) a lot. So, we’ll create a very similar tank and make it Tier X on their branch. If you earned the VK 72.01(K) on Global Map, it will remain a Premium vehicle in your Garage. It will also receive a unique camo and equipment loadout. " They called it Panzerkampfwagen VII what's kind of strange because this is the development name of the Löwe.
  2. Damn I bought only for this the the T-150 and now I can't even finish the grind in clanwars only battles To much 59-16 games on Sand River and Stepps.
  3. 500GB SSD and 3TB HDD I got enough space for the Test Client even with 1TB por... I mean videos I watch when I play artillery
  4. forum is back - more shitposts incoming. I used more time the last week for climbing around on all the maps, than actually play the game. - never had that much fun (fu arty weekend)
  5. Finaly I can shitpost again... even when I had to register my T95E2 account to do so... I don't get any password reset emails for my old account - srly this forums software sucks like WGs balancing department. Greetings Gasgadur your grumpy German
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