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  1. When your winrate is <50% when you usually play arround the 60%. Your tank is jynxed. I know what you are saying but I am not talking wn8 farming. If I take in account the ammount of battles and the damage I averegely shot in the Church VII the WR of 47% is rediculously low. I used to play to win not to farm damage. You must
  2. I think it is funny that in wot the opposite is true, there is no balance to be found untill the 6th tier. And in WT and AW the lower tiers are quite well balanced.... like the companies actually tried to do so.. From tier 5 and lower you get derped, 2-shot killed, sneezed away by an angry kv1 tank or T1HT. T5 mediums use more derp than non-derp, T24 has 1250 dpm and T-34 has 2200 dpm, hetzer can one shot almost all of its own tier, su85b has a gun so powerfull most tier 6 tanks are jelly on it. All autocannons and autoloaders in tier II and some in tier III are also 'not even remotely balanced'. Balance in wot starts at tier VI
  3. Stopped playing wot today, new french P2W tank with miniscule weakspot and impossible pentration finally did it, must our heavy tanks really shoot gold at it cuz RNG does not allow to hit his commanders hatch. Me already disliked that me pershing and t-44 had to gold spam dem T54 mod1 thingies. Today I left my clan, wrote goodbye note on their forum and now: - Armored warefare, tier 2 and 3 matches in dat game is like playing tier 9 and 10 in wot... only without the artillery, deathstars, autoloaders, grille15s etc. Tanks are more accurate, tanks are more balanced, RNG is only 10%, maps are biggers and better and the MM actually is balanced and works. No more 12 tier X and 3 tier VIII tanks in a team. Though the game is not perfect it is clearly noticeable that my.com actually tried and fixed whatever sux in wot. - Warthunder is also a very entertaining game where armor actually works, where a tortoise and tiger P can reverse as fast as they can go forward, where a tortoise has armor that is actually good. Unlike in wot where every tier X can just auto aim and pen it with 250 pen. - Payday 2, shooting hordes of cops while trying to steal like everything what is and is not bolted into the ground. - Any C&C game, played tiberian sun today, GG - Dawn of War I - Far cry 2 and 3 - mafia II I'll be just fine, cya after the sandbox updates are in place, and dont forget all artillery are hostile and evil
  4. It is funny that you automatically assume that I am actually using the autoloader. I use the other gun, it does not perform less to other scouts. How very narrowminded of you. Though it might be stupid that I report ISU players whenever they hit me, I still believe it is more stupid that those abominations can 2 shot kill mediums of their own tier while having more penetration than tier X medium tanks. 600 alpha would be much more in place and ofcourse 1500HP would suit it more. And I only cry about derpguns and autoloaders. That what can 1/2 shot/clip itself is IMO not even remotely balanced and bad for gameplay. <-- this is the one problem I have with wot, tanks with broken firepower. I am just scared to death what WG will do the strv 103 and all other swede tanks. If they keep going on with their power creep they will propably try to make it 'better' than the TVP and I do not think that that will end well. This new premium tank can already clip TD's of his own tier for 100% Though the rest sux about that tank, it can still dish out 600 damage in 6 seconds.. in tier VI. Discuss things in this section like you have at least met an adult once in your life, or not at all. This is your one free warning. -Shade421
  5. kazna does not savvy? wedosavvy!! Why do you call me bot again? because I share a different oppinion concerning autoloaders, your most played tank?
  6. I only read who destroyed my track... but what you want if WG parses dat info thru me screen. I do wish that certain people (70% of all wot players) would install dat minimap mod rather than some auto-aim mod though -_-"
  7. No I didnt disable minimap . There is a difference between the 2. Looking on the minimap is a form of skill, you need to anticipate where enemies go and you need to keep an eye on lemming trains so you can join them etc etc. That we can shoot shells back on unspotted enemies because the computer tells you exaclty where where they are, is just plain rediculous IMO. I played with this for one whole battle -> legit hax
  8. These people should be really banned for life, demoralizing the team like that. Those dumbasses forget that it are these matches in which we get pool and topgun medals. I was once tooning with a clanmemember, and every match:.. auto lose.. auto win. And than in another match: fuck this, we're gonna lose this. But I was the one who carried big time and won, when he barely dished out his own HP in damage.
  9. cant WG just block each and every mod at once? I cant see the need for any mods. I already disable the damage indicators of WG because that is nothing else but legit cheating. It is just a miracle that our current auto-aim does not lead shots. I also turned of the damage logs because it provides me with total irrelevant information. If I need X ammount of damage for a missions I will get that damage anyways. Though I can understand it has somewhat usefullness when you also want to survive for secondairy conditions. And I certainly do not want to know that I am stuck in some "21%" team in advance...Besides I already know that 90% of the battles today are auto-wins or auto-losses
  10. I think that WG is somehow sooo dumb they will turn this also into an autoloader. My guess, 6 x 390 with 2 seconds inbetween and a too short overal reload time... Whether WG will ruin wot with their autoloading powercreep yet another time or do something's right for a chance.. I will not be suprised if this strv 103 makes the TVP look like an underpowered pussy tank
  11. - Dont drive alone but always drive with others. If you outnumber an enemy 2:1 your advantage is actually 4:1 - I personally have to be bottem tier if I am not to drive in front of my allies, but usually I am always the first to arrive at any front and when I am top tier I am also the first to lead the push. - whenever possible avoid getting shot, though it is a kinda captain obvious statement one cannot always carry when one has 100HP left. But easier said than done sometimes. - a nice strategy what I can employ sometimes in late game is ambushing. Than you hide behind a building, a rock or a big bush on some illogical location where they least expect you to do.. nothing. And when your enemies deem your hiding spot empty. You sometimes might be able to pop-up behind them and give them suprise buttsex. - Though what I am about to say is conisdered as heracy for any wn8 farmer... Capture dat enemy red flag when needed, we all know that capping a flag gives less wn8 but higher WR. What is the difference for a bat-chat between capping and stuffing another clip in enemies? 2000wn8? Winning somestimes means less wn8, there are more ways to carry than just shooting damage. With my kv4 I can simply stick out my butt letting enemies, aim, shoot and bounce me and so I can hold a flank, by occupying 3 enemies eventhough I am not even shooting back all the time. It is indeed funny that your winrate does not nearly match your wn8 values on some of your tanks, dat WR of your T-44 is just.. wow. I honestly do not understand why people want to play randoms solo, unless when you have a really OP tank... I dont do it when any buddy is online. A T-44 might be the best tier 8 medium tank, it is still a useless tier 8 medium without decent firepower. The DPM on tier 8 mediums is so fucking low that you want to platoon with other tier 8 mediums. And do not forget that some of your tanks will always be jynxed:)
  12. The tier IX foch, amx ac48, su122-54 and the object 263 look actually somewhat fun to play to me. They are fast and have working armor (except for su122-54). Other than these (+ my tortoise) I dont even want any high tier TD, they are either incredibly slow (T28, T95), most are just broken like the deathstars and that inpenetrable T110e3 and an individual is actally OP (grille 15) and I really dont want any 750+ dam guns in my garage. Besides even some of the noobs know that it is better to steer their tank to the other side of the map whevener they come across a Jp e100, deathstar or T110e3 rather than to try and fight them. I cannot imagine that a T110e3 or jp E100 is fun to play even when you sit hulldown, as nobody wants to play with you. Comming across one of those TDs is just... a nuissance At one moment I thought: perhaps that the conway is somewhat fun... till I saw it's 35 km/h top speed.. so I will get an object 263 one day and perhaps an amx ac48 and a foch but that is it for me. Untill WG either deletes or fixes tier X TD, the teams with most of those will still lose on an average basis.
  13. I use the 90mm F3 gun on my arl44. Whether you shoout 6 or 7 rounds per minute... Got me su100 yesterday, just a week or 2 removed from my endgoal, the su100m1. And from what I have heared and seen, mounting the 122 on the 101 is one of the stupidest thing you can do in wot. The 101 is more medium tank than TD with despressing gun depression, and you can rush along side your medium buddies but than you do need to DPM the living crap out of them.. and also hitting every shot is advisable. That 122 cant do either.
  14. 145 pen on tier VI is not bad or something. You have the same pen as the majority of the mediums. And AFAIK I can pen about every tier 7 tank with exception of the jap HT and perhaps the blackprince @Felicius Why do you call the JP4 blind? Cuz of 350m viewrange? There are those things called binocs which give me 447 meter viewrange today. Ofcourse this is not the best among tier VI TD, but to call it blind.. isnt that a just tad exaggerated? And I am even yet to train situational awareness as well as recon. I just finished grinding the su85 with 280 meter view range.. now that is blind. (less than tier 1 tank, good balance there WG)
  15. I stopped taking him serious when he said he liked one of the if not the worst mini corridor map this game has ever seen. Sure best map to play as an achilles vs 8 tier VIII tanks, when all you can do is basecamp. And abbey is ofcourse the best map for every scout tank on every tier, with all the great bushes and vantage point on which you really can get to use your 450+ view range. And it is always so teribly dynamic every time again when their top tier TD are basecamping which can zap 70% of your HP. But I think that Super_Ryback is actually trolling us when he said that you need to go east, regardless of what you are driving.
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