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  1. Title says it. I'm looking for a clan once again. Stats are visible on my profile, blah, blah, blah. Current Xs are the T-62A, Obj. 140, T110E4, T57 Heavy, IS-4, IS-7, Obj. 261, Grille 15, E 50M. My next grind will most likely be for the E 100. I enjoy my 50M and IS-4 the most out of the group, and I somewhat suck in my IS-7. I'll primarily be on around weekends as I'm active-duty military, stateside, and am usually very busy during the week. I'm of course permanently chatbanned and, but had a headset to communicate via voice on TeamSpeak. Keeping it short and sweet, th
  2. Well, after finally achieving my goal of blue overall WN8 last week, I achieved another goal of mine today by achieving purple recents. I guess now I need to aim to achieve super unicum someday. I'm incredibly pleased with how I've raised my gameplay within the last month.
  3. Yeah mon. I'm looking for shitpoasters from NA to help carry the dense forces of autism on both NA West and East. I primarily play on the weekend because I'm an active duty big b@d army gUy during the week. I'm also permachatbanned :^) But I've got a functioning headset and TS compatible.
  4. MAHOU might be recruiting, but I don't think their skill level reaches your standards
  5. Well, I'm sure some of you NA guys know me from my poasting on World of Cancer's forums. Anyways, I'm going to attempt getting into some gudpoasting on here at some point with my new goal of achieving unicumdom someday. So yeah, Hi.
  6. The title has my question. I recently purchased the FV215b and have been doing terrible with it. I had the same problem with the IS-7 at first, and have slowly been improving in it, but it seems Tier X heavies just aren't my thing. I LOVE and do pretty well in my Conqueror, which practically is the same as the 215 other than the 215b having it's rear-mounted turret. I'm just looking for some tips on improving my gameplay in this tank.
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