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  1. I have enjoyed my time in AW so far. I won't stop playing WoT for CW/SH though. I just won't play as much Single greatest thing AW did right was the PVE IMHO. Being able to grind out your tank upgrades and then PVP is simply good game design.
  2. WG Moderators are confirmed horrible. I'm also pretty sure many of them do not speak English as their first language.
  3. I honestly think a lot of people have a hard time aiming and/or hitting weak spots and penetrating so they turn to arty out of frustration. These individuals usually play TDs as well. I myself am grinding arty for CW/SH. I still have very few games in it to be honest. I kind of hate playing arty.
  4. I'll take two. Would rather have had a Japanese or Chinese Tier X. Maybe even a Brit.
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