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  1. After acing the Emil II, I can say it is a much better tank than the Emil I. Emil II's turret is just so much better and the gun penetration and alpha bonus is great. However, I can also see that neither tank is overpowered and calling them so is just plain wrong. The Emil I is great when top tier since many things will bounce off of it, but as soon as you're out of hull down you die. When you get into higher tier games it's even worse as heat rounds destroy your turret. The Emil II is similar. When you cannot go hull down, you are essentially a crappy 50 120. Everything will pen you, you
  2. That's actually trash mm wtf. Nice ace game though, I got mine on a defeat lol also happened to be my highest xp game due to the reward for courageous resistance: Did 6.2k damage but missed 10 shots lol thanks gun: So on the topic of aces, what are the requirements for both tanks? I'm really surprised I got mine on a defeat and I have only managed a second class in the emil II so they must be really high requirements.
  3. That sounds really bad, so does it happen to most people on NA then? Hopefully when they sort out the matchmaker this year that will be resolved.
  4. Unlucky man, I used to get bottom tier games all the time in some of my other tanks and it ruined the entire grind for me. I found that the reload is bearable if you can sit in a solid position that is arty safe, the pen is pretty good - 252 at t9 is about average on heavies - but the accuracy is a bit lackluster.
  5. I don't like the Emil II's reload but it's not that bad. The gun handling is complete garbage on both which sucks, but if you can sit there and aim with your great turret then it's not too bad. I didn't find t10 games too bad in the Emil I to be honest, nor am I finding them hard in the Emil II. Pen is enough (prem on Emil I obviously) if you can stay back and snipe - yes snipe with that 0.38 accuracy lol. Arty ruins both these tanks to be honest. Turret is so far forwards that if you get hit you take like 1k damage from t7 arty let alone t10.
  6. Whilst that may be true, look at that lower plate. Everybody's natural instinct is to shoot a lower plate for the most part anyway. It does allow you to poke ridges with maximum cheekiness though. Also the Emil I can angle providing the opponent shoots the front plate, whereas emil II cannot, but I'd take the turret over the front hull any day. I can see what you mean with the turret now. I just played a few games, bounced around 3k damage in all of them from t10 grilles with the turret but got penned in the side turret by HE from said grille. The Emil II's turret is definitely a lot bett
  7. The Front Hull armour on the Emil I is much better for the tier than the Emil II, especially since the II gets a gigantic lower plate (I am speaking from experience here). I haven't had any autobounces with my Emil II off the hull bar sidescraping, rather almost all autopens despite using a lot of gun depression, but maybe that's my bad luck or enemy skill. The gun handling is still pretty potato on the II but much better with the 0.4s decrease in aim time. The turret armour only works frontally, I really have no clue what you are on about with that, and its the same with all the heavies. The
  8. I will update as i play more, but like I said the Emil was great in my first game. Very good. Obj 416 to t54 easy and my fave tank, persh to patton amazing, tiger to e75 really good, 50 100 to 50 120 okay but i prefer the 50 100. Emil I to II is the only one aside from the 50 120 that i am struggling with. Then again im not exactly bad in the tank, just not as good as i am in the emil I. Also is anybody actually going to give their opinion on the topic lmao. I was aiming up and he was also aiming upwards into the turret. Made an auto ricochet.
  9. Hi everybody! This is my first topic ever on this forum (yay), and it is a bit of a weird one. Or at least I think it might be weird. With the new Swedish tank lines that came out recently, I decided to go up the heavy route over the TD route since I like brawl gameplay and having also found a love for autoloaders with the Batchat 25t and The M41 Bulldog. So I went up the heavy route blind and got to tier 8 - the Emil I. This tank is probably the absolute best tank I have ever played. The strong turret armour combined with the -12 gun depression made it amazing in top tier games, and I wa
  10. Cheers, I was really confuzzled over it. Guess I need to actually look here more often lmao. Thanks again!
  11. Sold mine for a t-54. I way prefer the t-54 but the patton was the most comfortable tank I've ever played. The t-54 suits me more as I like the accuracy but if I had another choice it would definitely be the patton. In fact I might grind to get it back. Also, is the wn8 for the tank broken? See the picture I added, my wn8 used to be around 2.4k in the tank and now it's 1.1k. This also brought my wotlabs wn8 down by 40+ D: I swear I'm not a statwhore.
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