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  1. Would you say that the most popular/common metric isnt important. I dont know about you but i have spent the whole journey of playing this game with wn8 and using it to track progress. And yes my numbers have come back. I was pissed cos i lost 1300 recent while my 30 day was still 4k kinda ticked me off bro Now ive moved on to a better metric I have 2 warnings is theres a 3 strike system id say ill be gone soon
  2. TRIGGGGGGGGGGGGERED Man when you from the streets like me fam you dont speak in these apostrophe stuff Anyway boys see ya when you tag me or whatever for a good old fashioned e peen off
  3. Im not donald trump FeelsBadMan im english Unless you aint noticed this is a meme thread. Not about serious stuff like how your acting and this is a competitive game ofc people are gonna want to be good at it... Just some people are obsessed with certain stats. I like 3 marks na unitooners love winrate and wotlabs nerds love wn8 its pretty simple really
  4. Sadly this is going against the whole idea of this forum its dedicated to making you feel good by creating metrics.
  5. I guess its a good gun just loses out in "those games" where you just cant do anything where alpha would be an advatage to get more dmg out dodgy games where the enemy team sucks or camps really hard but otherwise i would say dpm is Bae sadly im not that funny. And i should probs layoff the quick comebacks cos im trying to do stongholds LUL
  6. It sucks i lose too many creds. If i was minted maybe it would be good.
  7. Ones penis length is a special thing that should only be shared with doctors and long time partners. Lucky for you and the internet im gonna release some highly disgusting information. If you do not want to see such horror stop reading here. Im a bit over 6.5 inches which is bigger than average. For a second source please call +44 694201337 and ask for Dr Lovejunk for more information regarding this matter Kappa
  8. This is a roasting thread and not for spreading biased measuring devices which overstate the requirements and the average size of ones genitals. I hope you remove this foul image before more people feelbad about not having a freakishly large genital. You are providing men with unachievble goals and a distorted view from reality please leave this safe space before you hurt anymore people here with your perverted tools. Kappa
  9. Only played t55a this week and 70% wins... So i do win quite a lot.. Until i get "them" sessions with 20% wins LUL somehow i got 20% wins grinding lt15 for t55a over like 15 battles FeelsBadMan
  10. I go by recent since hes a more experienced player... Wow theses roasts are going well for me LUL Its almost as if you guys cant call me a bad player...
  11. How do you achive such dank numbers without getting such dank wn8... Or why are your overalls better than recent etc...
  12. are you actually braindead. I dont play low tiers cos low tiers suck. And clearly you have 3k overall!!!!!!!!!!! Whereas i have 2.3k therefore youve been good longer thus have more wins in low tiers and high tiers... Im sry im not a reroll. It seems like the only way to please you donkeys. You seem to assume people come out the womb unicums just cos u all played when the game started when everyone was learning. Actual sheetlords
  13. i dont get why your talking i proved your a low tier shitlord who cant even get 70% wins playing teir 7 and jeez without those t54ltwt games it would have been 60%
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