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  1. T-34-85 is so overrated. It's average at best.

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    2. Archaic_One


      I always kind of thought its averageness was it's thing.  Decent armor, decent gun, decent mobility - its kind of the Lionel Richie of tier 6 mediums, its not great but nobody is going to change stations because of it. 

    3. dualmaster333


      That's the thing, it isn't particularly good at anything so there's nothing to take advantage of. In any given situation there are numerous other tier 6 tanks that could do it better. I would rate the T-34-85 below the E8, Cromwells, Swede mediums, A-43, Skoda T25, VK3002M, and possibly others than I haven't played recently. Thoroughly underwhelming.

    4. Dodge94HUN


      Even the premium T6 Swedish tank? :babyrage:

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