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  1. > See Grille in town

    > Already have HE loaded

    > Get this beautiful shot from close range


    > Shell flies straight and true

    > No damage done

    > "We didn't penetrate their armor"

    Okay game.

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    2. sohojacques


      I've been trolled so many times by HE on paper TDs that I've stopped loading it for them. Seemingly 1 shot assured hits on the turret or hull (and no, not the tracks) doing ~100dmg instead. And the number of times a Grille's gun has magically absorbed the HEAT shell I had loaded for another target...

    3. ThomChen114


      i've had multiple occasions in my Conqueror with HESH loaded (120 pen) and the Centurion 7/1 with (210 pen premium HESH) where stupid shit like that happens, especially if shooting at a G15 head on. more often than not that stupid long ass gun blocks the shell, and doesn't even cripple it (maybe just an orange, but still)

      guess i have to take that extra second to aim for the gun shield, while the G15 barely has to in return.


    4. leggasiini


      Nothing is even close as bad as type 5 with fucking 152mm gun with 1400 alpha gold HE shooting straight at grille, but in return doing 0 dmg due to gun magically absorbed the shot and didnt even destroy it, just broke it. Im not sure if it can completely nullify 183 HESH as those has 2 metres more splash than Type 5 but if it can then jesus christ.

      They really should fix Grille's gun model.

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