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  1. I may be an ass, but I always enjoyed loading up a CGC, TKing any other arty on the team, then getting TK'd by the inevitable angry pub on my team, and stating "Mission Accomplished". I probably wouldn't do it in ranked just because I wanted to play as little ranked as possible. But doing it after you hit Rank 15 is solid thinking so +1 to Exo. Pro tip: Load up a FV4005 and shoot the ground under an arty with HE. Splash counts differently so you can actually TK two arty without turning blue.
  2. Oh right, internet tanks...

  3. Well somehow I convinced myself to play ranked enough to hit Rank 15. 95 battles total. I mostly used the VK7201 with a little 4005 mixed in. 4005 was more work because you have no armor to sustain. You have to play behind your heavies and take shots on enemy reload. The nice thing is you don't care about armor; pop someone's side track that is sticking out too much for 600+. Repeat a couple times and you have a chev. VK was a pretty solid performer. It has the armor and hit points to stay alive and you only need to pen 3 shots to not lose a chev. It's particularly effective against Type
  4. High alpha heavy tank. Basically if you don't screw up your deployment (i.e. don't get yourself isolated) you only need to pen ~3 shots to not lose a chev on a loss or to gain a chev on a win. With armor+hitpoints and not exposing yourself, that should be pretty simple. S Conq and 5A are decent, but you need more shots and take damage easier. If I had a Type 5 I'd be spamming that. I've been using VK7201 with SConq/5A for a little variety. I made it to ~rank 5 on the T-100LT, but that is far more work. I may also mix in a little E4 because 375 APCR is pretty good I hear...
  5. Dominion was fun until I learned that just buying coins and ignoring most of the cards is the best way to win consistently. I've watched Slay the Spire on stream and it is kinda fun. Not quite enough to make me want to buy it but I see the draw.
  6. The thing about light tanks is that getting the full potential out of them requires substantially different play style than any other class. If you watch someone good like Crab play a light tank, you will see that you simply can't do the same things with a medium. And getting sucked in to playing a light tank like a medium will only get mediocre results. It used to be that the light tank's biggest advantage was camo and vision. But with the light tank re-balance lights got a new strength - mobility. Don't underestimate the value of being able to put your tank into action on the opposite s
  7. It's an Easy 8 clone that's just flat out worse. I don't doubt plenty of people will still throw money at it, because most people are terrible with money.
  8. Going there against chode$tarz, you got what you deserved :-D On topic, terrible things done to pubbies:
  9. Crab and I played for two hours and these are just a few of the good moments:
  10. This was @m0rieris with the fire and Crab with the double!
  11. B-B-B-B-B-B-OMBADIER!!!! Also, I'm enjoying my premium T49:
  12. Classic WG: Other than fixing the crap bond payout system for NA Campaign, they're going to give you two extra weeks to grind bonds so you can actually get your "reward tank."

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    2. hiipanda


      just the time period to buy the tank has been extended.

    3. WorldConqueror


      yeah they did this for asia too, pretty slack

    4. Fabunil


      Playing a month of this shitshow for either a shitty tank that will collect dust in your garage (unless you didn't already have the 907...) OR a single (in numbers 1, or rather 80%) piece of improved equipment...

  13. Shorter version: Tier 8 Frenchie - load HEAT (for pens on side and rear) Tier 9+10 Frenchies - load HE (HEAT on sides for higher probability) Tier 8+9 Brit TDs - load HEAT (50/50 chance to pen sides, 100% rear) Tier 10 Brit TD - load HE and getdabooty
  14. Most of the talented players have left the game. Most of the remaining talent doesn't play clan wars. All the talented shit talkers are gone. The good times are nothing but a distant memory.
  15. Now that Crab got his damn bonds, we can get back to business:
  16. Changing the E50 expected values......that update was GLORIOUS
  17. You're thinking about this the wrong way. These games were fine and you got plenty out of them. I mean, breaking 10k assist is very rare (easily less than 1% of light tank games I would guess). Heck, breaking half that isn't even that common. In the games you posted you got quite a bit of assist and really can't expect more. If you really wanted to boost your average assisted then you really need to examine a number of your average games. Occasional peaks don't move your average very much; moderate boosts regularly change it much more.
  18. We kind of discussed this a while ago but yes, this tank embraces the RNG. Your expectation with this gun is to wreck some dirt. So hitting anything is amusing. But then you get those glorious on-the-move pixel shots that can make a whole session enjoyable.
  19. So long credits!


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    2. Errants


      Up to 733k tonight, but I bottomed out at 6k and still needing to buy shite (ammo, modules, equipment) for my repurchase of the AMX M4 45. I'm perpetually broke.

    3. Tarski


      Ugh, I spent 1.25 million on equipment yesterday. I still have a couple million but I'm not sure I want to go broke since there are soooo many tier 9s I need to purchase. 

    4. Fulcrous


      @Tarski I am on 200k xd.

      At least I have 30h+ worth of 50% credit boosters...

  20. I do think WG should do an anniversary event where they bring back one of the builds from a couple years ago as a temporary "test server." It could actually be a PR tool where they say "see how far we have come." All the long term players would get a kick out of it for a little while. Everyone would realize that despite all the complaints we have about the game there are actually many things that are much better than they used to be. And since it was a temporary server it would be gone after just a few weeks.
  21. Tank is so effortless, thanks chodefriend!


  22. The 120mm is a fantastic gun, however it doesn't work all that great on this platform. The 120mm requires a lot more exposure which the giant paper turret can't afford to do. Maybe if you plan to redline this thing the 120 could be effective. It's also nice to have 325 APCR which means you can pen anything. The 5.5" is a mixed bag. I haven't fired an AP shell out of it yet although I should really mix it in more often. The HESH round is very unreliable; on some tanks side shots in to the tracks will fail to pen at which point you're just spamming HE at them. On the other hand, rolling 800
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