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  1. Looks like I'm getting reported for some kind of ban? I mean, sure, I'm sorta of the opinion that this shot should have been made, but...
  2. Considering that some of the trees and bushes are 'fake' and don't provide camo when they look like they should... am I supposed to get mad at a mod that calculates if we really are behind a bush enough? I've fired from bushes with the leaves of huge trees in front of me by easily 15 meters, yet apparently they were fake trees while standing up. Until WG fixes the problems, they ought to stop complaining about the mods that seek to clarify what should exist.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct section or not, but it seems that since I'm talking about numbers/stats, perhaps the Math section is correct. It seems to me that the Company battles have gone by the wayside, but that skirmish battles are not only a thing people participate in, but they are now a core aspect of the game for clans who do clan wars. Moreover, even if it couldn't be accounted for and added up (if it could, I'm thinking a column for tier 6, tier 8, and tier 10 skirmish stats), the "Company Stats" table is irrelevant to just about everyone - why is it still featured? TY.
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