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  1. But that reload... well, it may aswell justify why I'm a lemon and you are not
  2. I thought is was a pretty good tank, better than the 13 90 in fact.
  3. I stopped the line at Chi-To because it seemed as a very meh tank, and after the tier V (tier IV ke-ho was actually very fun to play) I had had enough of meh tanks for a while. But seeing as people here think it has some redeeming characteristics to it, I may give it a try.
  4. Also, some nice Robbie Rotten vibes with the pilot number one.
  5. I've been playing a couple of games and overall I like it. Shell velocity is a bit of a pain at longer distances but gun handling is fantastic, even with dead gunner. I cheated and bought 5 tokens since the missions that required a win did not please me. I got an ace with shy of 1500 base exp. http://wotreplays.com/site/3452052#stats
  6. I thought I was the only one that did this Confession x2: The same applies to my clubbler M3 stuart.
  7. I always carry as much gold ammo as to cause 2000ish damage, obviously I don't spam it with impunity but when things get tricky and you have to somewhat carry your team it's nice to have a reliable source of damage. Also, as leggasiini said, don't worry about the ammo costs, especially if you have a couple of premium tanks. The exp gained from a great carry game sure compensates the loss of what, 20-30k creds?
  8. E25 is what I will use today, so easy to be top dmg with that monster.
  9. The tittle says it all, I can't make my tier 7-8 LTs to work in that map whenever I play tier 9-10 games... I think it may well be a corridor issue, but maybe there is something I still don't know about this map Any advice will be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you very much Tigeh for your detailed report, I'll get some time once arrived home and will review it myself point to point whil watching the replays. I have to admit that the 13 75 game was pretty yolo, yeah, dunno why did I even think it was good. Now, about the T37 game, you are right, my crew is shit and that's why I have that equipment setup which is not the optimal. Also, I'm running very low on creds since I recently bought the 13 90, and as I have no prem account (don't think I play enough to really make use of it except summer/holiday times) it will stay that way until my s
  11. Hello everyone! As I commented when I introducted myself to the community, one of my main goals of joining WotLabs is to receive feedback on how to improve my gameplay. I also said that I would be showing my best replays, because what I want is good players to tell me how to squeeze the extra out of a game. I already know what I do wrong when I have terrible games, obvious is obvious, so I would be thankful is you folks focused on the "what could have I done in order to do extra damage and exploit the different opportunities that I had during the game, which I was not aware of" thing.
  12. All I can say is that after the short 88 pen buff, I don't want to sell it anymore.
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