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  1. Marver95


    How many shots does the ice needs before it breaks? (tried to shoot a few into it while driving by it, nothing happened...)
  2. EviL GrannY: Right now we have two tank types – imbas and the weaker ones. Rebalancing tanks is always a long process. Are we stuck in this endless loop?

    Pankov: Come on. The “imba” term is subjective. A 48%er and a purple will handle a tank differently.

    Beletsky: The Object 268 V4 is standing out, we’ll have to look at it closer.

    "A 48%er" :D


    1. monjardin


      LMFAO! There’s your confirmation on who they care about.

      ”Beletsky: We’re working on a bot that will play like a 48% player to test new tanks.”

  3. Can anyone identify what's that camo on the 112? Shot this pic a few weeks ago, never seen a camo like that since..


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    2. Visn0r


      wg league "bring the heat" (or smth along those lines) camo that was purchasable around finals in shop

    3. Archaic_One


      I saw it on a youtube replay on a 111-5a the other day

    4. Marver95


      Found it. Thanks guys :) Looks awesome, but giving WG money for that.....

  4. Marver95

    IS3A verdict?

    And it has a 3 man crew, opposed to any other Russian heavy, sooo.....
    1. sohojacques


      Selling traditional, modern, etc, themed packs of crates and not mentioning on the purchase page that you’ll get no decorations... priceless.

    2. Darvek


      What seems to have happened is that when WG added the holiday camo patterns as a reward for collecting the different decoration sets, it ran afoul of a Japanese law that they weren't in violation of last year. This probably caught them by surprise, and they were forced to scramble after removing the decorations. The work around appears to be that they're going to give you shards for the crafting device instead of giving decorations directly, and they're giving everybody on the server a few boxes by way of apology.

  5. "IMPORTANT: Chinese branch of Tank Destroyers will only be available for Chinese Region. Wargaming RU has confirmed this. "
  6. Be the first in damage. No victory required, and it counts it only in your team.
  7. Wooohoooo, pls WG, give us the cancer 7v7 T8 SH and the attack of the "not even bothering to change" clone premium tanks.... :nmad:

    1. TheMarine0341


      Many of the idea's proposed to the WGNA folks seem to have been completely ignored, except for the "no extreme punishment" for losing a building in a SH raid, were thinking along the lines of a 24 hour period where you could not use a SH bonus for losing, plus increasing profitability enough that w/ a standard account, doing 1k damage in a loss will be revenue neutral for a tier 10. Oh, and you can now use more than 1 SH bonus at a time

      They're keeping the skycancer - We wanted to get rid of
      We wanted to increase the size of T8 raids to 12v12
      Do away with tier 6, or increase size to 10v10
      SH defense times must match prime-time for CW
      Establish a clear path where improvement is encouraged
      Define tier 10 CW as being "end game" 

      Etc etc etc

    2. Assassin7


      wait, they're making tier 8 Strongholds 7v7 now?



    3. BedakCoa


      Only explanation in my eyes would be to prevent grind of tanks in tier8 SHs, and to reduce your "2mil per hour T8SH sessions with moneyboost" :feelsbad:

  8. Why no mastery? :cri:


    1. TheMarine0341


      Its a powerful tank. Welcome to how it felt trying to ace the T-54 before its turret was nerfed :/ 

      Were probably close, but need probably 1550 base

    2. MacusFlash
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