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  1. You can farm a lot of damage by going mid at the RIGHT time. For fast tier10 tanks you can get around 1k-2k damage just at the beginning when you see the enemy slow tanks climbing uphill. Personally speaking, you are more likely to farm more damage by sniping the south than north. Another thing is, when sniping, always be aware of the possibility of being spotted. Maximum spot range is 445m which means you'll never get spotted when the distance btw the enemy & you ≥445m.
  2. For northern spawn, I'd choose to go city or camping place at C6 to clip enemy spotted around line2,3. For southern spawn; 1)AMX 50100: I'd like to go to E2/E3's hill for a while, then either help river or push city, depends on the situation. 2)AMX 50B: since it has a great acceleration & depression, I'd choose to go river & clip the enemies who rush down. If we've taken control of the river I would go G8 & snipe their TDs at around C6. Hope this would help you
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