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  1. The problems of letting everyone have a say, are revealed here...
  2. The normal amount should be equal to the number of maps that exist in the game.
  3. No. But. I posted on what I recently played in the appropriate section... Sorry I won't do it again. I realize.
  4. Shit, you haven't seen the Blitz forums. You get ostracized the moment you point out some X player is uber bad. If you claim anything other than Russian bias then you're the resident communist/soviet apologist. And if you get some mad they systematically report every post you will ever make. Even pointing out basic facts like 'SU-101 is crap' is incredibly hard for them to understand. "But its only worse than any other tier 8 TD by a large margin" "that's balanced". And then, with their *green* stats they *dare* to challenge the *Purple* on basic facts that should have been evident in the first 30 seconds. "Let's agree to disagree but I'm still right I think" lol fuck off. Or "The Soviets have a few good 8/9/10 tanks (IS-8, IS-4, Obj 140, 268) the rest of their tanks ought to be crap lol fuck you." Because balance is about vengeance. Naturally. The absolute worst are the horrible old people who play the game. Also, pretty much anything less than 65% WR players are like 54% & below on PC. So they are generally trash to start with. They clustered in a clan of bad players called Triarii and good god they act retarded. "Hurr durr shit tank is good" "Only underperforming by 11%, is still good" "60% average WR is balanced" "440 alpha gun with good bloom is bad because it has only ~220 pen in tier 8" "Soviet tanks are crap and any evidence to the contrary is heresy" "Ranging machine gun is more than 10x better FCS than T-54's gun sight" +/-1 MM after 1 year ended the remote possibility of even having remotely positive conversation with 60% players and below. And killed off almost every uni from the beta test era. Lol.
  5. Ah, E-50M buff, the buff that made the tank total aids. And it's almost like I was the only person I know complaining. And then WG released that it had been over performing for the past 3 years, while all the dumbfucks tried to justifiy it. Fucking retards I swear. Patton buff was kinda retarded honestly. But its really not hard to hit cupola. At this time, the meta tier 9 medium is the IS-8 heavy tank, because literally almost every other option is trash.
  6. Oicraftian


    Having read more WOTlabs and realized scouting is actually dead, I did a bad thing and reinstalled the game for WZ-132. Having played it again, I find the 100mm gun intolerable. Actually, any base acc worse than 0.38 is just too horrible for me. So I've moved to the 85mm and my recent DPG went up by ~500. Including a game I went AFK in. I also stopped trying to use WZ-132 as an active scout. And now I think I have lost my ability to play Comet; this way of using WZ-132, makes me expect just to go faster. Well Comet is going to be sold.
  7. Oicraftian

    Type 58

    Its mega bad. Unless you full equip run food & have good crew this gun will fuck you up the ass and very very hard. It also seems to have built in ally seeking fire control for the gun. Never before have I been banned for team killing anything other than artillery. Until Type 58 lol much acc.
  8. Tigers armor is pretty good; it can stop SU-152's HE from almost any angle. Sides are 80-60mm and you can force equal tier mediums to aim. However, Tigers armor is only as good as your ability to bait their shots into your side hull. Side scrape is a generally good way to stop tier 7 med guns. Try not to come around a corner with side facing, but rather, immediately try to side scrape, unless it costs you a shot. If the enemy is using autoaim and putting rounds into you, you are definitely not being careful enough. Generally, Tigers ability to be fat overcomes basically any armor tactic with its poor shape. But they are generally enough to make do with at mid range. Mobility is wanting. Acceleration and traverse are both not very good. I wish it had more but you know, it can't completely outclass tier 8 mediums amirite? Gun is the everything of this tank, but I feel it always aims too slowly. A flaw to be sure. Aside from that, generally excellent characteristics. Penetration, accuracy, DPM, comfortable alpha. Personally, I wish I could trade some DPM for acc... Just to hit those 500m shots... Do not neglect to run food is good advice I think. Accuracy & DPM improvement is large. This tank really doesn't deserve to be this good; it just kinda is. That being said, I wasn't able to get decent damage scores in it.
  9. The only nerfs this tank really got was the new physics, and IIRC, the HD model turret significantly reduced its turret. Its not as good as it used to be. 145 pen buff helped but is really not that important. However, the tank, like everyone else has said, is good. 220 alpha makes any flaws with the guns aim time all better. The tank makes fair credits for the poorfags (lol me) of the world. The mobility isn't what it used to be but its still *OK*. Armor on turret can only buy you time, bouncing shells is not something it will do well. The tank is also now very very ugly.
  10. Vk 30.01 P is pretty amazing if it has a good crew. Which of course mine did not since I used it to train all my other German tank crews. Pz IV H 105's AP ammo is surprisingly effective. I had a 1.5k average DPG session or so in the IV H where I fired almost nothing but AP. Roof overmatch, side pen, etc, just be smart with it. More reliable than HEAT when you put it to work. Naturally I failed to be smart with it hence why I'm still blue.
  11. Challenger is pretty good now I think. 280 alpha, acc, pen, 2.4k DPM, that is a strong gun for tier 7. 4 shots is just short of a kill on tier 7 tank. Combined with good mobility in a straight line, gun depression, and it seems, decent camouflage. A low profile aside from the turret and such. Its a good gun. The tank is flexible. The tank cannot be played as a medium tank, because it does not snapshot, has no armor, etc. Standard rules apply, don't get lit without cover. Though for Chally that usually means you explode given enemy has chance. It can be played aggressively. Watch your ammunition loadout. Carrying HE is dangerous at times, because you can easily run out of ammunition. Reposition, shoot stuff. The gameplay is this. Run away early. Easy tank to play, gun aims a bit too slowly.q
  12. I'm going to necro this, but your comparing of values is not complete. Its a bit quick but you've been crediting the D-10T with BR-412's performance. That is a APC round which is not as effective as other guns. BR-412D (APCBC-HE-T) has around 245 millimeters. It appears similar deviation from the actual figures applies for the data. D-54's data is missing, and the penetration figure for that can be estimated at around 'at least' 290 millimeters with armor piercing. The performance for the M62 should match. D-10T2S I am not aware has performance changes; it simply has access to better ammunition than the BR-412. Simply put, the Soviets had ammunition manufacturing issues with APCBC shells before the war, and their only design suffered from 'excessive complexity'. 88/71 for example has 'deceptively high penetration', because it lists 232, but its not something it will readily achieve. You are putting too much stock into not enough mass. 88/56 is actually not that strong a gun, so its not about to kill a T-34 from 3-4 kilometers. Indeed, the T-34's armor effectiveness even up the rear is rather silly, as in totally immune to 70%+ of Germany's prewar anti tank inventory, so it is not a good example. Actually, the Soviets 85mm Zis is directly comparable in anti tank, while being a lighter more mobile weapon. If you compare their performance using Demarre formula, you will find their performance to be the exact same. And HESH works differently IRL than you would expect. If the target armor isn't going to be overmatched by the sheer amount of HE, its hardly better than HE itself. What you aren't taking completely into account is slope modifiers. Simply put the object 430 would suddenly break the game with over 430mm frontal effectiveness against first gen APDS, which is pretty much the only thing that is being fired.
  13. Didn't WW2 prove planes were good at killing everything that supported the tanks, but not actually anything tough provided it didn't float? On the historical accuracy note, I'd argue not respecting certain tank guns, particularly their own, really fucked them fast. D-10T, D-25T, etc, are fairly powerful guns, the D-10T is directly equivalent to L7 and the D-54 has ~33% more power at the muzzle than L7 or D-10T. IS-3 didn't need to get a 'BL-9' to be credited with 225mm penetration; D-25T did that with AP shells already. BL-9 is like that just with a shit ton more power. Because of this love for the 390 alpha L7 family it kinda fucked the diversity of guns at higher tiers. T-55A should be tier 10 I think, give it an APCR as standard. So, how this relates is, SU-100's gun got shafted. SU-100M1's gun was accordingly just not good enough. SU-101 could have stuck with a D-54 and been relevant but lol no its WG T-44 could have had a 'cool unique gun based experience' but instead feels just like the other tier 8 mediums, and relies on gold T-54 relies on gold Object 430/Object 140/T-62A somehow became DPM spam tanks In World of Tanks the bullet physics work against how angled armor interacts with bullets. This means armor angling is less effective than it is in real life, and less effective than the designers would presume it to be costing the tanks in design compromises. For instance, T-54 invests over 50% of its weight in armor. That is 'heavy tank' levels. What does this look like? In real life, angling your 80mm sides at 30* from center, is ~200mm effective. Real life also has things like 'the guns are better' but this gives an impression. Also IRL, IS-3 is frontally immune to 105 L7, so suck on that NATO plebs. Gold ammo isn't really needed 'realistically'.
  14. I am aware that this is dead, and this is probably not the right post, but WOTB section is dead anyway, and that's honestly a good thing, the game is trash. And it deserved to die pretty quickly, about after they removed +/-2 MM in response to shitters demands. Ironic that in Blitz the actually healthy community was asking for +/-2 MM to stay, whereas in PC even this community thinks about +/-1 MM sometimes. I am a Blitz Uni, and honestly the only reason I can think of why is because people are shittier than I am. I don't think all that strategically. Looking up on my stats on Blitz Stars gives an impression of a decent player, but in reality I'm just blue trash in WOT PC. Which is really pathetic honestly. It might be that I underrate myself; perhaps I am simply just too aggressive to play WOT PC, but really this 'game' is shittier than PC on a good day. PC is honestly far more interesting, although, I think I am able to recognize most issues you talk about. Like getting the shit sniped out of you by artillery. WOTB didn't die that fast I think. Ok that might be a lie; the real community died in ~2016 and the sheep invaded. The worst change they introduced at the start was removing the bullet eating cover, fences and the like at the time, ate shells, and given the general lack of room and cover, that really wasn't bad. It let you be aggressive in relative safety. Immediately the game started to get worse as WG decided to dumb down the game gradually. First food consumables became a different bar, meaning that if you wanted to run a competitive kit you needed to run food. Which naturally increased the costs of the tank but reduced the complexity of building kit and it doesn't take a genius to point out a 5% buff to firepower, 10% buff to hp/t without any other changes is dangerous. Generally, the game stagnated but adding more and more 'unhealthy TD' tanks like RHM with 15cm, that could take out 1/2 health got pretty fucking bad. Mind you, this is 7 vs 7. 1/2 health is like a 183 nuking one of your players. Naturally WG realized they needed to fix the problem so they gave it tier 10 penetration values so it could fuck up everyone's game even more. After realizing that in fact, a turreted high camo camper TD with good gun handling might not be a good idea, they tried to fix it by making the 12.8cm good on a glass cannon that relied on the 15cm without considering they probably shouldn't have added the fucking tree in the first place. The worst change was probably +/-2 MM unironically, helping cull the first 'generation' of even remotely intelligent players. How? They lowered the bar of entry like this, and the baddies who never intended to get better flooded the high tiers. I realize people complain about that 1 sniping Maus, but in Blitz it is like every 5 games during holidays/weekend, and its not 1, its 2 tanks at least. In the summer, I regularly saw teams of ~6 heavies sniping across the map as I had to carry in a glass cannon against 7 tanks. It gets really sad when you are trying to reload in Batchat 25t AP, but you notice that if you fall back you know for a fact you will lose the game. Because they will then start shooting at the heavies. Pubbie decision making can only be described as deliberately out to screw you at this point. Had they rolled the dice they'd do better. At one point you could reasonably estimate their position based on the trashiest players estimation of their tanks playstyle with roughly 95% accuracy, at one point I impressed competitive team captain in platoon when i was able to pinpoint the exact bush and elevation and time, consistently, through around 30? platoon games. We had at least 1 shot per game of blindfire damage from those calls. It was amazing. Honestly if they could actually shoot I would have had better scores. But I think my misguided faith in their ability to hit stationary targets at 50 meters distance really cost me some WR. Like the skeptic I am I resisted the change. Why? At the time I couldn't place it very well, I just didn't like the feeling of +/-1 MM battles. They were stagnant, boring; they weren't exciting. It caused the entire game to play like TD meta in 2014 (PC). And while my friends list was purged in 3 different updates for no known reason, just cutting my link to those people (lol fuck me I'm the only person I know who got screwed) they all quit long before I did. The only reason I stayed was clan community and even that quickly eroded. As it turns out my use of stats to as a bat got to some people and I thus got screwed. What did that mean? Community wise I was screwed. Ironic considering in WOTB the only way to win is do damage and thus the stats are a highly accurate judgement of a players average performance before you meet them. Additionally, I had really... Weird personality at the time, so it was fair game really. Personally I think anyone below 60% WR is only worth talking to if they demonstrate that they aren't tinfoil hat wearers, unfortunately most of them are. One extremely good example is a clan called "Triarii" claiming any given X underperforming tank is good under the condition it is Soviet. Therefore, even if the tank is an underpowered piece of shit (surprise surprise SU-101/SU-122-54) that performs at the bottom of its stat group so much that it could even fall into the previous tier they will call it competitive. To a lesser degree, the T-62A lost the better part of the turret armor crutch it needed. In a world where alpha is even more meaningful than before, and the corridors make flanking a struggle... They claimed it was OP because it could snipe cupolas after they buffed the guns accuracy. Ignoring the fact said cupolas were rapidly getting removed because who needs weakspots in corridor game? Because they are retarded. And if you tell them that, then they will find everything wrong with what you have said in the past and use the report function to hunt you down. The noobs give you a feeling of slight insanity now, like actually dangerous if near you insane, much like the 45% of WOT, the 55% of WOTB behave roughly the same way, except now armed with the belief they are above average. 65% in WOTB is basically the 55% of WOTPC, and 70% is the 'smart' players. Although, I honestly do not have good stats, I blame device. And yes that does mean 60% players tend to be like 50% players where they do act in a fairly mental way of 'oh muh fuckin morals' My stats did 4 phases: Ipad 2 how to load in within 2 minutes? How do I have a 60%+ WR overall? Ipad 3 can now do 40 frames wow amazing Lol no +/-1 MM plateau of fuck off game Last one is too long. At one point I really quit (+/-1 MM introduced), but because of special reasons basically unique to me I came back. Probably because I was weak. Social was main reason I think, my IRL friend circle died out at the same time and fucking hell my grades went with it too. Back to something resembling former normalcy as 90% average though. But fuck I went to an 80-ish as of late. Like a baddie scumbag. Certain clans now hunt players on the forum with opinions like yours, systematically reporting every post in existence. The moderators will actually give warnings for movie quotes that they deem offensive (lol) and apparently telling a 55% player that "their claim "SU-101 is good" is objectively wrong, and further proven by the fact their opinion is limited in the sense that they indeed, suck dick", is morally abhorrent. But apparently being racist against Russians is OK now? In WOTB, lights aren't the class being persecuted; it is actually medium tanks. It doesn't matter that official stats say the entire group underperforms compared to heavies, its 'within range' or some shit like that. The basic summary is: WOTB is trash and always has been, it always will be, there is no alternative, and sometimes the poison pill (+/-2 MM) is the right pill to swallow. Because if everyone gets the happy pill, then jesus fuck the sheep swarming ensues.
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