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  1. Are they buffing fucking HE spam against bullshit armor? 1 damage modifier at point of impact with that kind of base damage? What is this? World of HE? oh god, rip tier 5 they're getting minimum 130 average ignore armor shells. KV-1, AT2 etc are toast. derp guns are now gaining armor penetration characteristics in exchange for the old 1 shot potential... pz IV H isn't losing AP AFAIK so it will remain kind of broken,
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    Considering the consistently vulnerable area has more than doubled in size. That's quite big.
  3. Oicraftian


    Attached files depict turret vs 340 pen HEAT before and after the HD model. Turns out WG didn't just replace the WZ-120 with the Object 430, they also nerfed the WZ-120 to make sure the last decent Chinese medium tank got totally fucked. This is, by the way, in a world where WG decided T-54's turret needed to stop all standard ammo . WG didn't forget the Chinese tree; they made it intentionally shit. And this demonstrates that fucking WG has a long memory. WG didn't just make WZ-120 more ugly, its now an inferior tank to its previous incarnation. I'm sure it has to do with them buffing the 121's gun depression, because now the WZ-120 doesn't have a better turret than the 121. FUCK WG. To put icing on the cake, this tank has objectively the worst stock grind in all of WOT.
  4. Tier 8 already was having alpha creep with RHM. ISU should have gotten hammered but it didn't. 490 should have been max alpha in that tier I think for glass cannon TD. 390 for heavies. The armor creep was there since the great German nerf, where they removed weakspots... Maps are an issue, agreed. IS-3 should have been T9. And T-54 could have been pushed into TX Another problem was the constantly overlapping characteristics. For instance, Pershing vs Cent. Cent is basically a big fat Pershing that got more fragile, while focusing on gun pen not bloom. Also, Japanese tier 8 med. That's where I put my first impression pen was creeping. I am sure for the rest of you, it probably came in other forms. I figure people realized how the maps were getting "corridor-ized" and wanted pen for future soft meds, without considering the damage it would cause. T-44 was bland then too. I figure it should have featured a more powerful gun, at the expense of MT DPM.
  5. Remind me again why you are even given the option to play T8 outside of Front line? Alpha creep is getting worse... The general passivity of playerbase is amplified by shit like this.
  6. the one time I don't do my history homework I get shot in the foot huh.
  7. relapse.

    Can't play Object 416 or Charioteer for shit. Cent 5/1 stats started at 2.2k DPG but then the weekend TX spam arrived.

    Played on a poach account m8s so you don't know the stats.

  8. Somehow I expected WG to be rational and add in FV 101 (90mm) as the tier 8 LT. Instead we have the "not FV 101" in tier 7 mocking us. Look at FV 101 (90) below. How can you say no to that? It looks so nice. You can also tell how much inspiration the Setter draws from FV 101.
  9. I didn't see a Cent 5/1 RAAC thread so I'll hijack the Cent 1 thread for the same topic because they're almost the same tank; except the prem is significantly better. No use creating a new thread right? Necro-hijack Cent 5/1 is indeed significantly superior to tech tree Cent, mostly because the UFP allows you to push enemy team much more effectively than tech tree Cent. Its like 200 eff, more if you're conscious about the armor. That armor is enough to make Cent successful in armor cancer meta. The slightly better gun bloom isn't really good enough; so it'll still need a lot of care. Even with Vstab+GLD its not very good. I figure that unless you run food; you have to pick up the GLD to get off (more distant) shots quickly. My current build is: Equips: GLD/Bonds VStab/Ram Cons: rep/med/food Boost Vstab with bonds My crew is shit but it's good to have the normal kit of repairs, firefighting so you can have safe food, and camo so you don't get spotted quite as often Naturally build a rammer, maybe drop the GLD for optics, vents won't do much because of how the tank is set up. Optics to make up for your vulnerability to 'ambush' a bit. Better gun bloom isn't enough to prevent even your gun from feeling duckfooted in open terrain battle. The main difference in play is that you can count on the UFP to bounce shots. In Cent 5/1 side scraping is a seriously viable strat, more hulldown position to use, etc. You don't *need* to side scrape, you can angle front, but most likely, that will lead to LFP penetration unless its autobounce, but then you cannot shoot (around building). Cent 5/1 is also better at chasing because of the UFP. 51mm sides people tell you to be extra careful with, but so long as you trigger autobounce there is no problem with Cent 5/1 side armor. Module damage is normal for British, watch for the ammo rack though. Turret is vulnerable to gold ammo. You probably can't return in kind because of 258 APCR pen. Its basically AP except to medicate Vk 100 cupolas and similar armor. To counter, angle the turret and point gun mantlet up/down. Moreso than techtree Cent, you are vulnerable to arty. And they know it. You will get focused the way glasscannons do, maybe harder because their team will spam "requesting fire" on you whenever possible. It's not a good prem I figure, because ammo prices cut deeply into profits, and you have to pay some attention to the game when using it. The vehicle also misses quite a few shots no matter what. The tank is also not that OP compared to defender. As usual with Cents, you struggle in battles where you are significantly outnumbered; don't let the UFP become a curse as it entices you to fight long odds. Despite all these advantages teams now are so incredibly terrible that it mitigates how powerful a tank this is. I figure its also impossible to predict the bads now. Their moves, like sticking a top tier super heavy tank in bushes are just insane. I've lost so much DPG to expectations of basic common sense. Like 3 TD Tank pre-aiming a secondary route at start of game. Its like mobile tanks now. Same insanity. Yes I relapsed don't kill me
  10. K-91 is pointless to add, so, remove. 5A is better than 113, which is already good, so remove or nerf, IDC which.
  11. According to tanks.gg I found 30mm roof, so, yeah, tinfoil
  12. You're missing alot of tank removals. Patriot, WZ-111-5A, entire Japanese heavy tank tree, entire Swedish tech tree past tier 8, annihilating the Badger, K-91, 257, 277, maybe outright replace 140 with Object 430, switching aussie cent hull with tech tree Cent hull, Caer AX removal, Skorpion G. P2W Chieftain, Vk 75 and more
  13. Still wondering why the answer isn't remove Defender. But if that isn't an option, and this is a serious tier 8 post. LFP and pike to 90mm roof of turret same as IS-6 (so 40mm) make drivers hatch 40mm turret nerfed to IS-6 levels minus some mantlet armor gun nerfed to IS-6 levels, no more 440 alpha 60mm rear still too thick, make it 45mm don't nerf engine, nerf the resistances so its like a stealth nerf engine deck armor to 25mm so tier 5's can overmatch it. There. Rebalanced.^TM There are many things wrong with the game. Not just tier 8 alone.
  14. Dirizon actually did it. Lol WOT Labs players did not stop to think 210mm LFP says hi. Didn't read the quotes lel Yeah, sure. You're comparing the Vk75 to that? Lol That applies surprisingly well to you. And how would you know? Challenging skill level of WOT Labs... Well done.
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