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  1. That’s what happens when you suck at tank design. dirizon writes like a red, thinks like a yellow, plays like a green and thinks he’s a blue. Accordingly, he sounds insane. That’s because *He is* a red/yellow at heart. it takes a special kind of stupid to argue Comet t7 top tier. for clarity anything less than purple is defective.
  2. When looking at GB MT line I am annoyed.
    The balance problems are very clear.

    Pen rebalance.
    85mm BM something gun from T-34 85 is removed, but the original gun gets the exact same stats (no change). Alpha is moved to 200.
    Alpha of 76mm & 75mm is increased, tier 6 & below HP is increased. And so your precious 17 pdr can move up in alpha to something like 170.

    Comet (t6) - comparable to E8
    Cent1 (t7) - high dpm, high pen, good handling combination with panther armor (its fine if you decreep pen), stock panther armor
    Cent Early (t8) - current Cent 5/1 with historical turret armor, has handling and a good ROF. Its not historically accurate but, whatever. 
    Cent AX (t9) - it was never a tier X med to begin with. The armor is strong enough to block tier 8/balanced tier 9 gun but nothing else.
    FV 4202 (tX) - this is hard, 4202 doesn't really have much to sell. Unless you make it a kind of british E-50M I can't imagine how you would hack the stats together into a coherent tank.

    Among other things one of the main problems is WG stopped sticking to sane penetration values. Initially penetration of D-10T (for example) was 175 since 175 was pretty good. Like Tiger 1 88/71 with 175 pen. Hence, Persh 90 HV had 170 since it was 'slightly worse' than 88/71.
    L7 is weird. Its firing standard gold and gets 390 alpha? No fucking way. Decreep HP growth and change its alpha to 280 (at most). D-10T hits 320 with AP, 280 with similar shell. D-54 hits for say, 360 but fires 1 km/s AP. Big performance loss vs L7 against vertical armor. 

    So if we go on this tier 8 medium like STA-1 has say, 167 pen like Hellcat does. Although Hellcat pen is also creep, should be lower. Anyway you see which tier which tank belongs to quickly. 
    Tiger 1 in tier 6 is not a bad idea if you think about balance. Since it requires few extremes. But the problem is in tier penetration is excessive. 88/56 used to have what? 132 AP pen? That was balanced for the tier but not against other tier 8.

    In this alternate balance Cent early would be the high point in tier 8 medium pen. It would combine tier 8 medium DPM, high tier 8 penetration, handling, and accuracy, into one mobile British abomination.
    Tier 9 is basically just reselling the previous tank with a "fuck tier 8" kind of turret. Its hard to make British tanks work since the actual things are pretty... Terrible. Even Chieftain is a viable tier X so long as you fake the gun penetration.

    Although this would be a completely different kind of balance.

    Soviet MT tree would become this:

    (T5 onwards)

    T-34 85
    **the HV gun is gone, but the S-53 or so is buffed to take its place, no harm no foul. Decreep pen & DPM in general. T-34 85 would have a steady suspension, delivers solid firepower. Decreeped pen would be say, 132 like 88Kwk36. Since the buffed tank gun would be heavy tank firepower on a fast (but slow to turn) machine, it would be highly effective. Slow to turn is so it can be more different from light tanks.

    T-43/T-44-122 (45mm sides?

    T-44A (maxed is T-44B), D-10T with 320 alpha is big seller. Its a generally well balanced tank with an excellent gun.

    T-54 (w/o 2stab), lack of 2stab inhibits gun handling but its still good. D-10T is good gun also. Ideally the chassis is changed with penetration mechanics or it retains fake armor. Like T-34 85 its slow to turn, but the acceleration and speed are both very good.

    T-62A, anything better is a criminal addition to the game really, Soviet OP pls no bulli. Mating the D-54 with a high end 2stab, armor, and highest in tier medium DPM is a very powerful combo.

    M103/Conq get to be more differentiated, carrying the strongest (TD levels) 12cm guns about. T110E5 of course continues that tradition, so it gets its own selling point.

    Really it becomes too different if you just keep going without brakes. 

    A lot of my thinking would smooth out plenty of tanks. I mean that in a literal way of "their strengths and weaknesses will have less overall spread" or something of that kind.


    I was just reading a British medium article and thought of this again.


    That... And accuracy.

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  3. Replay review "Wehraboo" Banned thread locked Sorry humor is hard for me. Please don't point at the extreme autist
  4. I never thought IS was a bad tank for a tier 7. I grinded the entire thing in one sitting from stock to complete on a standard account at 1.7k DPG. (my brain basically stopped working 1 hour in) I do not say that because I am an accomplished player. Rather, its in contrast to my blue stats. It has 0.2/0.2/0.12 base bloom, just keep the bloom down and you can pump shots out fully aimed shots with little difficulty. The main shortfall of IS is spotting gap but it has extremely high combat abilities for a tier 7.
  5. Thank god It has what? 2.2k DPM Medium tank bloom 300 alpha workable gold pen armor to force scrubs to aim armor everywhere including up its ass and against the fucking sky What was it again? Tier 9 medium HP? And as a result of this combination its hard to bleed, good at killing, and is a bullet sponge. I'll just guess you ran firepower tanks in the platoon too. This entire game is data. That's what your replays are. I think the 750 lost because all of them are turds and you brought 3 unicums into a fucking pub with a meatshield.
  6. Kolni. The answer was to say "fuck pubbies". I didn't think you were delusional. I thought you were annoyingly verbose, trying to capture literally every detail you could imagine since you weren't thoughtful enough to come to a conclusion. EDIT: please don't kill me thanks
  7. GC wasn't the point, its that some tanks are such absolute turds that they have no potential at all. I couldn't think of one so I suggested GC based on the reputation. It might not be an existent tank when they're FU but stock it could be possible. I can't imagine which tank. Yes. I didn't think it was worth it to look one up. 3 people with 1 guy in an armor brick idiots can't handle. I cannot explain it. But since it occurred it *Must* have the potential to achieve it. Otherwise it cannot occur. The entire game is data so the achievement is not magic. Stats ruins mysticism. For T57 the tank is very good at bleeding so it is not necessarily that high on maximum potential. I don't know enough to form an adequate conclusion. I don't know. I'm do not know enough. I can say that the stats and armor profile give it a good blend of performance.
  8. Talking about IS. 0.17/0.17/0.12 bloom with a wood pecker gun and massive size. OK.
  9. I did presume critical thinking, so it is not an entirely black and white matter. Blanket sayings like 'a player can make anything look strong' holds true as long as your competition is braindead pubbies, and even then it won't work if the tank is unbelievably shit like... idk prebuff Churchill GC? All your examples have been listing tanks which can be quickly evaluated to have potential if you look at the stats. Whether or not its practical has to be demonstrated of course, since people take liberties real life doesn't when thinking. Is that really true though? Problems tend to bear out in data. It can perform unfairly well in the hands of good players indicating imbalance, but poorly in the hands of scrubs. I don't think that is good balance. Since it indicates disproportionate amount of skill required to make it work compared to other tanks, and too much performance when it does. Sounds like time for a rework 3rd block from the top. Idk the stats but both are armor cancer in a corridor game and the actual amount of skill required for that is not very high. I say that to comfort myself over the blue stats I have. I think the reason for that is addressed in #1. 907 is again another tank whose stats explain everything. Depends on what its facing. TL:DR Muh fuckin stats are OP. Feelz don't matter. Exceptions don't break the rule. Scrubs are retarded. Can't work what isn't there. Obligatory "fuck armor its a corridor game and I should be able to bleed you if you can bleed me"
  10. At a subconscious level you realize its not a game; its a shitty brainless job* So naturally it shuts off when it realizes its not worth the resources. Unfortunately the conscious mind didn't quite catch up to the dismissal. Yeah, that among other things is why scrubs should be ignored and the good players the basis of balance and other such matters.
  11. Stats and 3D model, afaik, tell the story. With extrapolation and detailed stats which were probably hard to get because fucking WG you could predict a tanks abilities pretty well. Like for instance, just looking at the Tiger II you know that is one sweet gun. The armor forces people to aim while you can just snap them mercilessly. While JPII... It's 490 alpha in tier 8 on a relatively mobile platform with superstructure armor. Just from the stats you can see plenty no? I think the average player is a terrible thing to balance a game around since they don't have the ability to make proper calls. group opinions are only as good as the sum of their parts. And when it's made by pubbie trash...
  12. I actually used the 122 on IS. If I wanted ROF I'd play a Tiger 1. EDIT: I cannot understand why you would downvote this since Tiger 1 gun is better in every way than the D-10T, the tank has a higher max and far more HP. If you run food and stick close to red the IS with the 122 is the superior choice to the D-10T. Especially when it comes to carry because of how much damage you can do without bleeding.
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