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  1. You're fucking retarded. Of course the forums greatest retard uses AOL for his email address. In 2019 no less. Clearly retards are everywhere.
  2. You fucker. How dare you suggest 25T AP become some fucking tier 8.
  3. When I look in tanks.gg live model, it seems stronger than Caernarveon or Centurion 1 turret, and CAX against 268 pen guns... Aside from the cupola that's really good isn't it? Hull armor *seems* workable. But no matter how you angle it you expose this ~200 eff armor band between the "beak" and rest of UFP.
  4. That's probably around the time they fired the poorly managed balance team and replaced them with the marketing team. [a joke] In all seriousness I can see it but they were still doing some bullshit creep in 2012. Like tier 8 penetration values in general.
  5. I only got Dirizon and Gasai, not sure where any other references are coming from
  6. Oicraftian


    The gun control is on par with tier 6 mediums, and the tank is made of glass. I would imagine GLD would be a superior choice to camo net.
  7. I'm just going to point out the ARL's fairly good at bleeding to a certain German bias derp gun
  8. It's not OP compared to what? Defender? Turret armor is basically unstoppable if you skyline at even short ranges like 100 meters. Just move horizontally and keep bloom down before you shoot. Up an incline is better so reverse is faster. Hull upper armor should be quite effective at around 200 EFF level ground. The gun combines with these stats so it can beat every poor tier 8 into dust. Anything that can realistically snap it gets its ass kicked because of alpha. I get that its not braindead easy to play but just because it requires a tiny bit of intellect to apply an overwhelming advantage, doesn't mean its not too good. #507 side poke, sky line yourself, mild depression is possible, diagonal poke is better for depression #508 front angled poke to increase upper front strength, will probably get you detracked, just run double kits and repairs. In both cases you are looking slightly up at the turret (~5 degrees), since the 'chin weakspot' doesn't really exist on level ground. Armor protection (for turret) is extremely strong aside from the cupola. It might be a weakspot but its much easier to defend by using flex (than say old IS-3 roof) Hull front does have a beak, 220 eff rapidly drops to 180 on bottom tip of hull upper front creating a minor weakzone of 'only' 190, which is a little less than Cent 7/1 UFP after which it hits over 200.
  9. Comrade, there is little hope of bringing wotlabs back to life unless WG de-cancers their game. Which is of course, impossible. For they themselves are the root of all evils (within their domain), pubbie scum, shitty customer service, rampant physics abuse, etc
  10. VK P is better at abusing terrain than the p2w premium even then. Really makes you think about what this game has come to.
  11. VK 30.01 P summary. TD Gun 60 kph max speed 160mm riot shield mantlet 8 degrees gun dep Decent acceleration 40 tons to fuck every medium you ram
  12. EDIT: Correction time A light tank, in late game, without 14 people Anything* shooting at it, can take an arty splash (if most HP is retained) or blind fire (if it has enough HP) or whatever, go dark (in which case he would A have to move or B get tracked and drift out of LOS) - and not have to burn a repair kit for fixing its tracks Like literally every other tank without armor. A light tank, at the game start, can go off a small hill and break its tracks in the jump, and not be in danger and not have to burn a repair kit (which wasn't necessary before light tanks got hit with physics and a live demonstration of why speed wasn't a good idea in real life tanks). Read the fucking post. Is repairs a definite must, like camo? No, it is not. But it certainly helps to have. (In the extremely few cases in which the repair time benefits the tanks survival, which in most cases doesn't since the LT will get fucked hard if its spotted or not moving/Its immobilized and every red fucker saw it go dark) EDIT 2: Correction time gun handling for one (Only when the mediums suck), smaller size for another (except in American potato), excellent terrain resistances (So long as WG says yes), better agility, better repair speed coefficients (so small it doesn't even matter) Isn't the repair skill influenced by the number of crew members, so the light tanks that suffer from relatively small crews don't even get that much of an advantage with an ideal crew? Half? There are what? 40 maps in the game?
  13. Congrats, acceleration and reaction time advantage, truly decisive strengths in the armor spam corridor fuckfest meta. Mind describing the costs in detail? Handbrake turns have limited use due to how much speed they lose. A light tank survives getting detracked and *not* burning a kit? Even if it is arty splash, 1/3rd to 1/4th of your HP. Arty pen means instant kill. Too much stupid condensed into one paragraph to be comprehensible. > Not comparable since mid tier LT/MT is shit tier thanks to WG > Still want to compare > Talking about T9/T10 meds like they are the problem in 2019 > Indignation Replying in this format may prove effective.
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