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  1. I will bring balance to the Dirizon neg repping posts he doesn't like with the power of upvotes. (The force)

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    2. kolni


      sry man ur just fkn mental


      go get it fixed

    3. Diriz0n


      It is funny. Really. Because that is the sort of reply, that say if I were to use, Hasmen sends me a response later telling me to cool off. But apparently others can freely use it my way. Awesome.


      What makes a shitty post. Retarded content? Bloated content? Contradictory content? Well, bloated, I can see that. I can see alot of my posts as wordy constructs, as such if they are neg rep because of that fine and dandy. Contradictory, of course not, because I don't step back on my word and say one thing yet deny the another exact same thing.  Retarded? Well, possibly, but what is the definition of retarded. Stupid? So, if this is the case, am I a stupid person spewing out what light tanks can and cannot do, are or are not? I seem to be able to drive a light tank fairly well, are people trying to convey a retarded post means it comes from a retarded player? 

      Has is quick to remind me over word salads, and since that is not done here, at least not yet, not the case. What makes retarded? something that is obviously despicable and what others believe as not the case, false, delusional, Etc. That means I disagree, firmly. If false, delusional, un true, dim witted  -  maybe  would it go as far to say I know quite literally nothing of light tanks, and should be instead performing bad at them? AKA fucking shitter? 


    4. Oicraftian


      I know its rich coming from me but can you "like not sperg" on my personal shitpost? Thanks.

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