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  1. So unlike most people who use premium 8s for crew training I use them for earning free exp so I can skip to tier 8 elited out tanks so I was wondering if I should buy back my M46 Patton and M103 and use those for earning free exp instead of using the Defender and Patriot considering that tier 8s now almost always go against tier 9 and 10s, credit earning is not a consideration atm really.
  2. They really need to remove sky cancer from this mode being shit on by M40/M43s when you're the only one who got to a good position to hold back the enemy is fucking terrible.
  3. Am I insane trying to grind the T28 in this mode with it being so terribly slow even with the buffed speed? Caernarvon does well though, actually ran out of shells with it in a battle yesterday.
  4. RGM79GM

    Spend free xp where?

    Earned a bit extra free xp and went to T28 with 105, and top equip on Caernarvon. Good thing I took a break with frontline now out, ty for advice.
  5. RGM79GM

    Spend free xp where?

    So despite my earlier thread I've managed after 5 hours or so to rack up 100k free xp with 20 more x5 XP missions remaining on the french prem TD. Originally I was planning on free XPing from IS3 to elite T10 in preparation for the Object 277 but that's so far away it might be better if I ground out the IS3 the normal way. So my other options for the free XP are to get the Caernarvon and elite it so I can try reach the Super Conq, or I could go from T25 AT to elited T28 heading towards E3, the last option for my free XPing is skipping playing the WZ132 I just acquired and eliting out a WZ132A. For crews I have an unused Berlin 0 skill BiA crew for UK, 2 working on 3rd regular crew for US TD, and girl crew for China LT.
  6. RGM79GM

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    I don't get how this ends up looking so powerful while the Mauerbrecher is so terrible.
  7. My stats looked were dark green until I torpedoed them for "reasons" I could play tier 6 premium Shermans the Thunderbolt and Loza with you, then tier 7 M4 45 and Berlin IS2.
  8. RGM79GM

    Please help poor green shitter

    Eh I don't know what works but I got it done anyway so no matter. I'll just leave the thread up for others to laugh at.
  9. So I kinda suck at TDs except maybe the bushkemp Swedes but bought the AMX Cda 105 on EU to try get some more free xp from the 30 x5 missions, maybe not too smart but oh well. It's not going good after an hour & 1/2 of bashing away at it so wondering if any our resident unicums wouldn't mind grinding out the x5 mission for me? If I can return the favour somehow I will. You can play the Progetto I bought because I'm an impatient whale as much as you want too and any of my other tanks and if you happen to complete any of the girl crew missions feel free to stick them in the Progetto for me if you don't mind, it's already got a girl commander. Please I beg of you purpz help a green shitter!
  10. RGM79GM

    Total War: Arena

    Is anyone playing this now it no longer requires codes to access?
  11. RGM79GM

    Please help poor green shitter

    Eh I thought it was worth a try even if terrible seeming, since lurking for ages it seems like people share around accounts so I was thinking it wouldn't hurt to beg. Then there's this thread I found from 2016 . Where it seems like peeps saying it's better to beg here than like hand over details to that quoted company.
  12. RGM79GM

    Please give clam

    Hey I'm looking for a friendly clan that I can platoon with people in for pubs and maybe move to SHs and stuff, I don't take this game terribly seriously which is evident from having a M4A2E4 and only 3k something battles since then but I'm playing it more now, I'm not very skilled so I might be a bit of a weight around the neck but that'll probably change after a bit of time and effort ( I could be the clan tamagotchi!).
  13. RGM79GM

    AMX Canon d'assault 105

    While I don't suck as bad in this as I did in the Skorpion G I'm still not having any decent wins maybe I'm tired or something but I'm doing much better in the Progetto, I think a need a crash course in proper TD play. I do at least like the penetration of the gun and shell speed but the reload is horrible bad imo for a TD.
  14. RGM79GM

    Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    I think I'd honestly be happier with significantly less total maps if those fewer remaining maps were actually equally balanced even if it makes it less "interesting" for those who don't care about game balance.
  15. RGM79GM

    T28 "Appreciation" Thread

    So is this tank any good for the TD missions? I had a spare US crew so I put them in T25 AT and I should be able to get the T28 relatively soon for me. Is it any better than it was pre 1.0 with the new physics or worse off?
  16. Is this still going? The WN8 requirements make me sad I deliberately tanked my WN8 on Emil 1 grind after being artied to death 5 times in a row. Emil 1 383 battles at 42% WR 500 dmg vs Lowe 154 battles 49% WR 1.5k dmg from like 2014. But well it seemed like unless I found a way to get my irl friends in to this game I'd never find platoon mates.
  17. So when is this expected to be released? I tried the IS-7 on test and it seems alright enough but this looks better on paper so rather than unlocking the Object 257 with xp I made on the recent x5 weekend I might just go unlock the T-10 instead in preparation for this, with my glacial grinding speed due to low playtime I'd probably get them at same time anyway if this comes out even in Winter.
  18. RGM79GM

    WoT Encore results!

    Huh a 5.5% overclock to GPU and Mem was a big boost to my score in this even though we all seem to be done with this bit of fun
  19. RGM79GM

    Dying RX480

    Ahh thanks for this suggestion you saved me a bunch of cash! It did turn out to be a bad HDMI cable so now I can keep using my RX 480. Might overclock it now I know it was stable all along and see if I can nab a few extra frames.
  20. So I've got red lines and dots all over my screen which I take to mean my RX480 is dying on me, wondering what the minimum GPU I'd need for WoT HD client on high at 2560x1080 would be to replace it, ty for any suggestions.
  21. RGM79GM

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Yeah Russians are too obsessed with making money at the expense of even halfway decent game balance, even a tank game from EA would be better yeah you'd probably have to unlock tier 10s through p2w boxes but at least they'd all be balanced against each other.
  22. Yeah it is but it doesn't let you really compare readily to WoT imo since for me anyway you mostly end up shooting people preoccupied with someone else but I only play LTs,TDs and Chinese MBTs.
  23. RGM79GM

    Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    TFW you have no meta tanks, maybe I could bushwookie in a STRV or play poor man's SConq in E5.
  24. There's a middle ground between 3 pixel sniping lasers and fully aimed shots flying under tanks though that can be aimed for, AWs current weakspots seem a lot better if samey but it's hard to get any full matches on PC maybe on PS4 it's more populated. If they make the PVE like in AW they'll kill that competitor off for good even without removing arty from PVP since it seems AW's playerbase is mostly PVErs.
  25. RGM79GM

    WoT Encore results!

    double post.