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  1. I think the EVEN is the only other tier 8 LT besides the LT432 that can, situationally, counter wheelies effectively. If you can get set up right they literally have to proxy spot you.
  2. @Ezz I know I’m sounding pretty official forum myself now. Problem is the instances where I genuinely question the efficacy of SS are so rare that I never remember to save the replay (game set to only save last game). But the couple of times where 6th has gone off when I’ve just started moving from spawn does indicate to me that it isn’t 100% accurate, while being over 99.9% right. I do think the op is overstating the frequency of the issue (from my experience) and that being permalit and not knowing it would account for the vast bulk of scenarios.
  3. @Ezz traditionally every wtf moment with SS has easily been explained by just watching the map for a bit. But I have had a very small number of instances where I 100% know I’m not lit. I peak through a bush and watch several red tanks instantly turn and shoot at me. Still alive as is my commander. No lightbulb.
  4. Even they’re not that fast. I’m talking about 1-2 seconds into the game with no line of sight. Gotta say I find it funny that everyone is assuming the OP is just user error. Cause WG have such a good record of not fucking stuff up. Invisible walls and random camo levels from bush to bush just add to the indie vibe (all shit they still haven’t fixed from patch 1.0) Edit: but I guess the op does have a a bit of an official forum feel, so carry on.
  5. While it’s hard to know 100%, because of the mechanics mentioned above, I’ve been questioning it reliability over the last six months or so. There are also the rare instances where it’s gone off as I’m just leaving spawn so it’s impossible for me to have been lit.
  6. Well once kolni posted his Game Carrier glory...
  7. sohojacques

    UDES 14 5

    @Tarski soft stats trump final accuracy for sniping yet again.
  8. You didn’t miss anything by skipping the tier 9. 15/16 seemed like a reasonably popular ride for a while. But the STB seems to have stolen a bit/lot of it’s thunder since it got siege mode.
  9. sohojacques

    UDES 14 5

    I just rebought this. Gun handling is as good as I remember and so much more reliable than the tier 9 (why?). It’s gained keeper status after the let down of the 16.
  10. Don’t know about the mark requirements. I’d expect them to be low though. I know what you mean re premium account + credit boosters. Just want to limit what I spend on the game to crew reskilling and a bit of “free” xp conversion.
  11. I recently 3 marked the Challenger (one of my favourite tanks) and rage sold the Charioteer, which sums up my experience with the two. Maybe food would make enough of a difference, but I’ve stopped paying for premium time so can’t afford to run it at tier 8.
  12. By that measure the UDES is also total garbage, relative to tier.
  13. Trying to play HTs again. I suck even more than I remember sucking at it.

    Also, RNG on pen really needs to fuck off, along with arty. 

  14. Thought this was the Chi-Ri thread.
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