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  1. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    @Wanderjar Thanks again. Got enough of a crew to justify retraining for BiA and mounted Vents. In game comparison says that my aim time is 0.16 seconds worse than with GLD. Since my max bloom and final accuracy are better with Vents, plus all the other slight stat boosts, I'd say it's Vents for the win. Ground out the top gun last night but couldn't face playing the game any more after doing so. Will take it for a spin tonight.
  2. But then WG redefined what broken as fuck can mean. Remember when Obj. 140 was considered OP? We all do. Cause it was 2017. I agree that WG want to make more coin from the new mission set. But I doubt buffing the 279e will achieve that. The same people who were good enough to get their hands on a 260 will pick up the 279e. That’s a tiny percentage of the game’s dwindling player base.
  3. 47%. That stock tier 8 feeling...

    1. hazzgar


      Stock t8? Have you tried stock t9? 

    2. sohojacques
  4. @hazzgarI had hoped for the same but hadn’t bothered to check. Shame.
  5. That perception already exists. And 260 didn’t have to be broken as fuck for people to grind missions for it.
  6. @Deus__Ex__Machina couldn’t agree more.
  7. Yeah I got your point. But whether it’s currently insanely OP or not is moot. As you agree, it’s not underpowered. So, like many, I’m questioning the decision to buff it. And isn’t a major part of the reward of these tanks simply having it it’s epeen expanding presence in randoms? Do status symbols need to be broken OP as well?
  8. As I said elsewhere, if having your UFP penned by tier 10 premium shells warrants a buff, 430u, IS-7, etc, are all currently underpowered. Surely it’s already 430u-like snapshot-ability offsets the need for more armour? Only comrade logic could conclude that this is buff-worthy ahead of the long list of other of neglected tanks.
  9. Yeah I watch a bit of Daki 3 marking it. He kept saying it’s not that strong while holding W and putting in snap shot after snap shot. That Ruski gun handling... WG have gone full retard. Never go full retard.
  10. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    That’s ace. Thanks @Wanderjar. Yeah it corner poking/brawling I’m trying to improve on. I’m even considering dropping rammer for vents (with GLD and binos). Or once my crew has BiA replace the GLD with vents and keep the rammer. Will play around with it when the time comes. So much for the fabled 7% of Snap Shot?
  11. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    @Wanderjar I’ve always prioritised clutch and off road over smooth ride. Wondering if you think the Charioteer would be a worthy exception? ps second 20-pdr does seem to hit stuff more often then not. But shit alpha is still shit.
  12. It’s like ebony and ivory. They belong together/deserve each other.
  13. Started grinding the Charioteer and rip tier 8 MM again. Not a tier 6 or 7 in sight.
  14. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    Seriously, what kind of sadistic, money-grubbing, prick comes up with grinds like this? Still working towards 45k XP for another useless 20-pdr. Watch out you ruski bastards, or I might hit you for 230 hp. Or not, cause 20-pdr.