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  1. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    Grind done. Sold. Not a bad tank by any measure. But no fun for me. My quest for a home for my 6 skill Swede crew continues.....
  2. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    Yeah it’s terrible for close range brawling. Not just because you can’t poke quickly but also because reds can often easily change their angle of attack to get around you auto bounce armour.
  3. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    @Ezz I’m used to the siege mode I just struggle to see any real value in it. That constant hesitation you mention whenever you want to depress your gun over 5 degrees outweighs the benefit of the extra few degrees the mode gives you imho. If you get to set up and farm retards it’s fantastic. But as soon as your constantly adjusting your position... Idk just not my cup of tea. I’d much rather just relax in my 7/1. PS and the gun is derpy as fuck.
  4. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    With 20k still to go on the grind the novelty has well and truly worn off; to the point where it’s turned me off playing the game altogether (2 games in the last fortnight). Gun is so wonky I’m having Charioteer flashbacks and I’ve never stopped finding the siege mode just a bit annoying. Will sell when the grind is done.
  5. This is, at most, a slight inconvenience for people who seal club low tiers. They'll have to take a small amount of time to relearn how to do it and which tanks to do it in. And seriously, the notion of meaningful decision-making in low tiers.....
  6. You have always been able to buy crew skills with “free” xp. So nothing has really changed. It all hinges on price and in game currency. But it’s being sold for credits at this stage which would be a big improvement in my book.
  7. I know the requirements are low but I seriously doubt they’re that low. 1300 won’t 3 mark the tier 6 12t.
  8. WG need to remove team damage so we can stop getting fucked by our own arty. That is all.

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    2. monjardin


      11 hours ago, Hellsfog said:

      Alternatively, WG could apply the same team damage rules to arty that apply to everyone else. 

      This would be so great, but it would pretty much be a blanket account ban for most clickers. 

    3. Oicraftian


      But then Arty would have to move up to the front lines to fuck with allies.

    4. Hellsfog


      @monjardin A good solution fixes two birds with one stone. 

  9. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    I’ve actually had a good amount of success face hugging tier 8 ruski HTs and TDs when getting yolo’ed, because their shitty gun depression equals ricochet. But I think high tier HEAT will trash you more often then not. Really need tanks.gg to get their armour models working to know for sure.
  10. This confuses me. Get your meme image act together.
  11. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    @Kymrel I’d rate the tier 8 as a tier 8.5 while the UDES 16 is an average tier 9; so balanced. And yes, I felt the tier 8s gun was more reliable as well. But the gulf of expectation is so high between tiers 8 and 9. And as we’ve discussed elsewhere, MM changes are probably also playing a role in this. I don’t regret selling the 14 5. My few tech tree tier 8s rust in my garage as I play the tier for credits. The 16 is a novel addition to the game that hasn’t broken anything with its arrival. I’m having fun in it.
  12. Apparently blocking maps won’t block their assault and encounter variants....
  13. Just had an enemy T-54 flip onto its back while ramming me. I moved on as I had bigger fish to fry. When his time ran out and he died I was credited with the kill. Bonus 458 damage. Weird.

    1. sohojacques


      It counted as a ram kill btw.

  14. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    Yes. It’s gun is so far ahead of most tier 8s. Really highlights the gulf between tiers 8 and 9.
  15. sohojacques

    UDES 16

    Nice not needing the tracks to mount the top turret and gun. Stock engine gets the tank around on the flat at top speed just fine so leave it ‘til last. As I said in the 14 5 thread, the gun isn’t much of an upgrade from the tier 8. So you go from having one of the very best guns at the tier to having one that is merely average.* Having some armour is nice but it’s very situational. I’m still finding the siege mode a bit awkward. But nowhere near as awkward as my current dpg, which after 34 games is at tier 8 levels of meh. *Of course, a merely average MT gun at tier 9 is still pretty good.
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