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  1. My recollection of the Even with binos was that nothing could move in the open within ~400m of you without getting spotted. But then wheelies happened and their average driver isn’t usually too concerned about being lit. Is Turbo allowing you to somewhat suppress the early game wheelie yolo? (I stopped playing just before new equipment landed)
  2. So still using Turbo on the ELC Even @CraBeatOff? Or trying LNES instead? T71 with LNES must be a lot of fun.
  3. Been watching Orzanel play it. He says it’s the second best tier 7 HT after T29; a Tiger 1 with armour...
  4. But doesn’t the E4 have preferential MM?
  5. @GehakteMolen Agreed. For me to get a 260 (I’ve got the T55a) I could either have some epic games in tier 9/10 TDs and HTs, or I could spam a tonne of M44 games (I refuse to play arty). And from memory the only real difference with picking up a 279e is you need more tanks your garage to do so. Talk about lowering the bar WG.
  6. I’ve seen a lot of players with well below 50% WR in the Chief, as reflected by your graphs above.
  7. @GehakteMolen I think those winrate curves tell us more about the method of acquisition of either vehicle than anything. True shitters have no chance of completing the missions for a 279e unless they pay a good player to do it for them.
  8. Here’s an interesting update on aiming related equipment from @Overlord_Prime: Definitely one for @Wanderjar.
  9. My experience of trying this play for a while: it definitely can win the flank. But it can also leave you in an inescapable cross fire if your pubbies don’t follow your lead and support you. And if you do win the flank pubbies will, no matter how much you beg otherwise, then continue to push towards the enemy base and die in the middle of an open field (instead of falling back and attending to the other flank). So you lose anyway.
  10. Pilsen, Kharkov, and Abbey topped my list before I stopped playing earlier this year. The sense of futility when playing squishy tanks felt greater on those maps than any of the others.
  11. Maps uniformly became way more campy with patch 1.0.
  12. I blame the map design, not streamers, for that.
  13. I’d be surprised if the crew rework happened any time soon. Messing it up would be the equivalent of nerfing a premium tank. Edit: Actually, it’d be worse. Good tanks come and go. Crews are forever.
  14. @minivinny789 Can any other pixel tank encapsulate the absurdity of WoT so succinctly? I think not. That was beautiful.
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