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  1. The build options on the EVEN now were almost enough to get me attempting to play again on my geriatric computer. Optics, Binos, CVS or Optics, CVS, exhaust were my first thoughts. Be interesting to see if binos outperform CVS with optics and Vents in the other two slots. The low noise exhaust will allow for some previously unheard of cheeky shit in the EVEN. If only I needed a new computer for some reason other than WoT...
  2. I feel a lot better about only being able to 2 mark mine. I thought wheelies and the 432 would’ve hurt its performance more than this though. A rare instance where Wargaming viciously nerfed a tank just before release and we’re entirely right in doing so. It would’ve been bonkers with its original stats.
  3. Confirms my suspicion that tanks like the Burlesque, etc, have higher 2 mark requirements than a lot of tech tree 3 marks.
  4. I suspect the endless armour buffs at tier 10 are going to recreate the misery of 3-5-7mm for tier 8. Too many tanks you have no real hope of penning. So if your tier 10s suck...
  5. I remember wishing I could ban standard battles on some maps when I was still playing. Siegfried Line and Karelia, for example, are horrible in standard layout. But I enjoyed both of them in assault. Map balance on some other maps is badly skewed in standard but fine in encounter... All three modes will fuck you in some instance. Can’t see any reason to privilege standard mode over the other two and lose much needed variety in the process.
  6. sohojacques

    WZ-111 1-4

    ^Best review on the forum. Would read again.
  7. “Experimental Powder increases tank concealment after firing by 10%“... I could go on, but there’s too much stupid to cover before my morning coffee. Typical WG convoluted mess masquerading as a solution to a not even secondary concern of the player base.
  8. @volim_velike_sise I thought situational awareness is 3% and recon is 2%? But that doesn’t make your crew skill layout any less legit on heaps of vehicles.
  9. Definitely a TD. Challenger is a great option (read OP)? I’ve heard the tier 9 Tortoise is really strong atm as well. But don’t know first hand.
  10. IS-3A style auto-reloader incoming then? It has the same crew layout, yeah?
  11. ^basically this (except I use vents more).
  12. How is it even possible for 9 of your tier 8-9 pubbie ‘teammates’ to die in under 3 minutes on Mt. Pass?

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    2. hazzgar


      the rest are afk camping though?

    3. sohojacques



      This game was the icing on a shit tasting cake. A children’s game shouldn’t make you despair about the human race like tanks does.

    4. BadLuckCharm


      Complete lack of personal discipline, so they act like a bunch of seagulls ("Mine! Mine! Mine!"), and get shredded for it.

  13. @PityFool no idea how you managed to drag Herzog into this. But wp.
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