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  1. Just imagine if the Ruski’s had hung onto Alaska....
  2. Yes, they are. Lots of bonus invisible walls to shoot and inconsistent destructibles as well.
  3. Haven’t had a cursed tank in a while: 59 games, 39% winrate. Just played 4 games for 4 loses with 2831 dpg and 1464 assisted. Tank is so much fun I’m almost past caring (emphasis on almost).
  4. Now that I’ve got my win rate up to a blistering 43% I’m with @tajj7 on the gun. If the Lorr gun was actually effective at medium and long ranges I’d think otherwise. 2 seconds exposure vs 5-7.5 for an effective engagement in tier 10 games is a big deal.
  5. @Snoregasm2 I’d rather have the Lorry’s hard stats with the Burlesque’s soft stats and no real down time after clipping. But that would be so OP (yet the Pog 46 exists). My experience of the game is that gun soft stats trump hard stats. But different clip sizes... I honestly don’t have an answer.
  6. @ZXrage @Snoregasm2 I’m a big fan of the Lorraine and it’s well up amongst my most played tanks. But it literally has tier 6 gun handling. Not being able to snap shots with any realistic hope of the connecting... Also, my expectation when unloading a fully aimed clip at a stationary target at 350m and up is 1 pen 3 complete misses. The gun is derpy as fuck.
  7. Just 10 games, for two wins, so far... I think the only reason this tank may end up appearing statistically balanced is because even average players struggle in paper tanks. Good players are going to go on a rampage in this thing. I also suspect I'd take this gun's superior soft stats over the Lorr. 40T's better hard stats at any distance.
  8. @Assassin7 Finally done. Such a fun tank. Doubt the Lynx will as good tier for tier: minimal buff, same view range, and significantly worse MM (on Asia servers at least). Time to find out.
  9. Gotta take in to account the potential incoming gold shell nerf as well. 190 pen with this tanks gun...
  10. How do you approach Prokorovka or Malinovka with 3 arty per side in a HT and a MT?
  11. More than double the usual number of people playing on the SEA servers thanks to the marathon. Triple the usual amount on the ANZ server. It’s pure anarchy in randoms.

    1. Unavailebow


      Pretty governed when it comes to camping :minidoge:

    2. sohojacques


      People aren’t getting much time to camp in all the sub 5 minute games I’m seeing. But yes, they’re still trying their darndest. 

      Exactly 20 wins from 50 games since the marathon started. Imagine how little xp that amount to. No Burlesque for me.

    3. Unavailebow


      Always fastinating how static they play, trying to control one square of a map and throw the game if not succeed, or throw the game immediately after they have succeed :minidoge:

      I might buy the tank outright if I really really dont want to play. I don't generally good at tanks that turn with a rudder, plus SEA being SEA, upclose and personal is almost suicidal.

  12. Games were so quick on that map. Wouldn’t surprise me if I never played a game over 6 minutes on it.
  13. I can’t find the soft stats for it but they’ll have to be pretty amazing for it not to suck...
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