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  1. So I finally got out of my internet provider that it doesn't matter what speed I pay for, because until  the congestion is dealt with in my area (no timeline) the best I can get is the lumpy as fuck ~5Mbps download speed I get all evening, every evening. Yet they happily sold me a 'speedboost' to my plan knowing of this preexisting issue. The NBN is so badly managed, it's like the Lib's want it to fail. Oh. That's right. They do. 

    1. cavman276


      Killing net neutrality (something "libs" fight for) will make your problems even worse.

    2. sohojacques


      "Libs" as in Liberal party which currently govern Australia and are fucking up the roll out of the National Broadband Network even more than the previous Government did. And what has net neutrality got to do with me paying for 25Mbps and getting 5Mbps? I read this back and it sounds like I'm really shitty, when I'm not. Cheers.

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