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  1. 9.18 very first impressions:

    - Rolling out in my T49 for the first time all 3 top tier tanks on both teams are LTs. What a fucking joke. Guess what WG: if you want scouts to scout, making sure they're never top tier is a pretty fucking good way to encourage it.

    -AMX 12t is great. But I'd rather watch literal train wrecks on youtube then participate in the metaphorical ones that count as low tier team play. 

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      The 'gotta go fast' crowd will always gravitate to and suck in LTs, that will never be change

    3. sohojacques


      I'm just worried that there's so many of them now that an even higher ratio of games will be decided by the 3 minute mark. No fun for a hopeless farmer like myself.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Wait a couple weeks. Here on NA it's died down decently. Every content patch brings a new flavor of the month. Last time it was maus and type5 derp heavy. I don't really see any type5s anymore and even the maus spam died