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  1. Grinding the Comet. 5th on the server for average dpg. First gun mark under 50 games and should pick up the second shortly. Win rate after 70 games you ask? 44%. 

    Also, did WG fuck the glory that was tier 7 MM with patch 1.1? Cause I'm seeing a shit-tonne of tier 9s playing this and watching 43-48%'ers throw their top tier tanks away is getting old.

    Can't wait to grind the Centurion after this...


    1. Haswell


      Pref 8 saturation is eating up all the 8s.

    2. sohojacques


      1.2 patch hasn’t landed on SEA yet. That hasn’t stopped a lot of shitters bringing them out early though. Even spotted a FCM today. Haven’t seen one of those in the wild for a long time.