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  1. Being the slow learner that I am, I’ve finally adjusted (become resigned) to the new meta. Camping. It involves lots of camping. 

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      game is so much more dynamic now that arty simply makes you slow over and over and slowly kills you instead of killing you in one shot

    2. kariverson


      Hmm Personally every time I camp either game the runs away from me and I crap or I am left 1 vs 15 or something and I do crap. So I continue to be aggressive. Screw the arty bullying, I won't succumb! 

    3. sohojacques


      It’s mid to late game I’m really referring to. It seems the team that pushes now frequently loses on a shitload of maps. Just set up the crossfires and wait behind the new HD bushes.