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  1. More than double the usual number of people playing on the SEA servers thanks to the marathon. Triple the usual amount on the ANZ server. It’s pure anarchy in randoms.

    1. Unavailebow


      Pretty governed when it comes to camping :minidoge:

    2. sohojacques


      People aren’t getting much time to camp in all the sub 5 minute games I’m seeing. But yes, they’re still trying their darndest. 

      Exactly 20 wins from 50 games since the marathon started. Imagine how little xp that amount to. No Burlesque for me.

    3. Unavailebow


      Always fastinating how static they play, trying to control one square of a map and throw the game if not succeed, or throw the game immediately after they have succeed :minidoge:

      I might buy the tank outright if I really really dont want to play. I don't generally good at tanks that turn with a rudder, plus SEA being SEA, upclose and personal is almost suicidal.

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