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  1. Well once kolni posted his Game Carrier glory...
  2. sohojacques

    UDES 14 5

    @Tarski soft stats trump final accuracy for sniping yet again.
  3. You didn’t miss anything by skipping the tier 9. 15/16 seemed like a reasonably popular ride for a while. But the STB seems to have stolen a bit/lot of it’s thunder since it got siege mode.
  4. sohojacques

    UDES 14 5

    I just rebought this. Gun handling is as good as I remember and so much more reliable than the tier 9 (why?). It’s gained keeper status after the let down of the 16.
  5. Don’t know about the mark requirements. I’d expect them to be low though. I know what you mean re premium account + credit boosters. Just want to limit what I spend on the game to crew reskilling and a bit of “free” xp conversion.
  6. I recently 3 marked the Challenger (one of my favourite tanks) and rage sold the Charioteer, which sums up my experience with the two. Maybe food would make enough of a difference, but I’ve stopped paying for premium time so can’t afford to run it at tier 8.
  7. By that measure the UDES is also total garbage, relative to tier.
  8. Trying to play HTs again. I suck even more than I remember sucking at it.

    Also, RNG on pen really needs to fuck off, along with arty. 

  9. Thought this was the Chi-Ri thread.
  10. Compared to the Tank Marathons, the Tanks Rewards gig is great: 2 pieces of equipment, boosters, 7 days of premium account, and a decent tier 7 premium tank for just playing a few games each day. And plenty of time to fit it in if you can’t play every day.
  11. Not sure when I ever said otherwise? Quite the opposite, rereading my last post above.
  12. WG Asia are basically handing these out atm (Tank Rewards). It got significant buffs way back in 9.15 to gun handling and reverse speed (now 17km/h). In the context of the current camping map design and tier 7 MM it feels pretty good in the few games I’ve played in it. No Challenger. But the gun handles well for the tier and it winds up to its top speed of 45 promptly. If only I had a pog T67 crew to put in it (hooray for the increased focus directive).
  13. @hazzgar if you said something along the line of “but the Archer is garbage and the UDES is good” there’s be no argument from me. But you said the Archer is “total garbage”. It isn’t. It’s gun, for a tier 5, is excellent. Which, obviously, doesn’t save it from being garbage.
  14. @Wanderjar how accurate is tanks.gg though? Are they applying the skill bonuses like they would to a vehicle with tracks, regardless of whether it actually works in game? It would be nice to think that WG would disable crew skills if they have no effect. But this is WG, so....
  15. Fair question. It would be logical that clutch braking doesn’t work. No reason for ORD not to. But this is WG so logic has nothing to do with it. Hull traverse is (logically) not listed for wheelies in the in game comparison thingy so... ticket to WG anyone?
  16. Bet WG just sold a heap more loot boxes thanks to this rumour.
  17. No. Not total garbage. It’s gun is amazing: great handling and almost the same dpm as the UDES at tier 5. And both TD’s spend a lot of time driving in reverse. So my analogy stands . Not saying the UDES is bad btw.
  18. It’s the tier 8 Archer: gun is as good as the platform is shit.
  19. WTF has fair got to do with WoT in 2019?
  20. Blarpt a 1357 in the face for 308hp in my last game then merrily yolo’ed away. Definitely a bit of a T49 vibe. @Assassin7 it’s toxic gameplay, no question.
  21. Before wheeled vehicles and LT 432 were things I quite enjoyed it as a scouty MT. I ground it post auto loader. EBR and 432 apocalypse kicked in half way through my HWK 12 grind, which I also really liked before that point.
  22. Circling an out of position T29 in reverse..... @Wanderjar I got my crew from my long retired 1375. So 81% on my 5th skill except for the 2.68 skill radio operator. So it’s a pretty pimped out ride.
  23. All you miserable bastards whinging about the 178B when you could be revelling in hilarity of the Hotchkiss. I still haven’t got the top gun or engine but this thing is already ridiculously fun. Even completely stock it’s serviceable/nowhere near unbearable. Just turns like a barge with the stock wheels so don’t get Himmelsdorf repeatedly like I did. Running rammer, vents, optics, and food. Gun handling is great. HE pen of 75 is as fucked-up-stupid as the rest of the vehicle.
  24. I’ll never forgive Minsk for ruining my HWK 12 grind with the first highly infectious outbreak.
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