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  1. Just got what turned out to be a 1 question survey on logging in: “How likely are you to recommend the game to friends or colleagues?” What possible relevant information can be gleaned from my answer with no further detail?  Cause why would you want to find out why people like or dislike your primary source of income?

  2. As long as arty can do anything remotely like this it should not be in the game: Dead driver. Tracked and stunned for 18 seconds. Missed me for 400hp more later in the game. That's what I get for camping....
  3. FTFY. Simple experiment: remove arty from one of the two EU servers for a couple of weeks. See which server people log into... The percentage of shitlords who primarily play arty is tiny. Smaller, I’m certain, than the number of players who have left the game because of, among other reasons, arty ruining the gameplay. Many pubbie tears would fall if arty was removed; “you owe me xp, etc, blah, blah, blah”. But the reality is fuck all of them would stop playing. And a heap of former players might come back (only to get infuriated by RNG and leave again).
  4. @Wanderjar I’ll take what I can get. Thanks renting pubbies.
  5. Necro........... The MoE requirements must be seriously low on this tank for me to accidentally get over the line: I was genuinely surprised when this came up. My overall performance in this rig has been bad, even by my lowly standards.
  6. And thanks to WG’s willingness to abuse their own overmatch mechanic, load HEAT to pen kinda deal?
  7. Does the automatic siege mode only effect the amount of gun depression available with these tanks then? Not gun handling?
  8. @hazzgar that’s how I feel playing the PTA. I do my best to write it off as confirmation bias. But then I take the 430 out for a spin...
  9. @Ezz the gun handling on the Pog 46 is Std. B punishes you a lot more for not reigning in your reticle.
  10. @hazzgar no worse than the PTA or the 7/1 for me, which I played at the same time. None of them can snapshot.
  11. sohojacques

    HWK 30

    Sums up the state of the game nicely. WG “balancing” tier 8 premiums for 3-5-7MM has, I suspect, set in motion a endless cycle of buffing that will never result in balanced game play.
  12. WG are going on about how they’re a good SPG counter. If you yolo at the start of the game, possibly? But having the speed to get to late game mop up first doesn’t necessarily equal counter. What they do counter, unquestionably, is higher tier LTs. Cause there’s a group of tanks that needed nerfing: underpowered on release; fucked further by 1.0 map changes and the merkins WG handed out to most camping locations. Now you lose out on a heap of early spotting opportunities as well. And I know WoT doesn’t even remotely resemble a simulator, but the physics defying acceleration and unflippability of the WVs is so comically stupid; it more like pin ball than a tank game. The only saving grace is that hardly anyone plays them.
  13. WG advertising stats on why wheeled vehicles are the best cathartic SPG counter:


    "Summary: Wheeled vehicles are perfect for a commander who has been waiting to get revenge on SPGs."

    Best yolo scouts confirmed.

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    2. sohojacques
    3. Haswell


      1 hour ago, DirtyACE7 said:

      I actually think the wheeled vehicles are doing a much much better job solving the supposed issue that arty was supposed to solve which is camping.

      The hard counter to camping is and has always been to just rush the fuckers.

    4. sohojacques


      And WG designed a vehicle perfectly suited to the task. WV’s are basically a counter to their own shit map design.

  14. It has even more gun depression though. And if they gave it the 150mm gun the Swedes were fantasising about when drawing up the thing....
  15. @Jesse_the_Scout but a heap of people don’t like/are already bored of the mode. This seems to include every streamer (incl. Circon, Foch, Skill, Daki) that I watched playing it. It was developed as a way to give people a break from 3-5-7. Once the new MM hits globally there’s no real reason for it to exist. While being bottom tier in +2 MM sux, I was really surprised by how tedious constant single tier gameplay is. Respawning and 59 vs 1 doesn’t help, either, as it removes any sense of consequence for action.
  16. If it’s anything like the MM on the Asia servers it’s a massive improvement. But your focus will shift to all the other glaring issues with this game. So yeah, game’s still shit, but at least you can play your overpriced tier 8 premiums for credits again.
  17. I think it should be changed to a single shot gun. Stronk turret with awesome gun depression has little to do with being an effective auto loader; you can’t lock down a line of fire from a ridge line when you have to fuck off and reload your clip all the time. The proposed shorter reload would help here at least.Outside of the NW on Westfield or a coast push on Live Oaks the clip/turret combo is kinda pointless. I guess you can always valley push on Lakeville? Cool, if there’s no arty, no S. Conq or super heavy which you can’t pen...fuck this game.
  18. Don’t. Alpha creep sux as much as all the other creeping-leaping going on in this game.
  19. WTF is with tank RNG in gaming?! I bought the first Valkyria Chronicles (50% off on the Switch atm). First shot I take in the Edelweiss, fully aimed at the enemy tank’s weak spot, finds the edge of the reticle and seriously damages the gate I’m meant to be defending. God damn all pixel tanks. God damn them all to hell.

  20. Yeah gun handling and pen are the main problems with these tanks. So of course WG completely ignore these issues. They should rename the company to Dumb & Dumber.
  21. Pointless crew skins instead of improving crew skills...*slow clap* And remember the rebalance work promised in December:
  22. Thank you Hollow Knight for killing what was left of my interest in WoT.

    HK might not be much to look at but it’s astonishingly good to play. If you like Dark Souls mindset gameplay I can’t recommend it enough.

    1. Action


      same for me but not with hk.. i reinstalled skyrim , modded the livng shit out of it and have a blast in my game time now..

    2. sohojacques


      I had a few months off from WoT early last year playing Skyrim. But then it dragged me back in again...

  23. Played my first game in it last night. Nothing can really prepare you for how absurd this thing is. Deleted 3 1100-1200 hp tanks, including a long range cupola snipe on a Tortoise, in 3 shots. Didn’t snipe-pen the arse of a T30. So only did 747 damage... And penned a K-91 for over 1700hp. But with a roll of the dice this game could’ve easily been a 2k misery feast, or less, instead of the easiest 6k I’ve ever done. Comedy gold.
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