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  1. Nowhere near as much of a problem as arty, shit map design, WV, etc. If you get blarped by a KV-2 you generally deserve it. Shitbarn and Type 5 were admittedly a bit of a problem. But WG’s solution (to nerf them into oblivion) was idiotic. Joke tanks have a place in a joke game, especially at low tiers (6 and under).
  2. Challenger is a real favourite of mine. Doubles as a MT pretty well doesn’t it.
  3. Sometimes bullying is the right thing to do.
  4. Me doing math..... Thing is, despite all it’s shortcomings, the Chi-Ri emits good vibrations. It was fun for me and I’ll probably work up a second crew in it.
  5. 50+ battles in I feel like this tank has an identity crisis. Gun and agility make it handle like a close-medium range brawler. Lack of any armour (with bonus giant tumour on its head), low alpha, and crew or ammorack getting constantly taken out puts it in the sniper category. But at longer ranges the gun reminds me of my Pershing and Centurian 1 grinds: it’s derpy. At least the better dpm means you can more often sneak a second shot in I guess. MM has seemingly gone backwards for tier 8 again. Mostly tier 9 battles, with a good number of tier 10s mixed in. Genuinely not a tier 6 to be seen so far. So obviously this is going to have a fairly major impact on my impression of the tank. 240 alpha that needs to be delivered close and personal with no armour doesn’t really cut it in this environment.
  6. I am so sick of HE spamming, auto-aim, retards in wheeled vehicles. Often can’t start playing the actual game until the fuckers are dead. Which, as we all know, can take a stupid amount of time because of their fucked design.


    1. Oicraftian


      You know, the last time I had a relapse a Tiger 1 was shooting HE into my T-34 85.

  7. 12.89 hp/t on a tank with no armour and shitty pen is too slow. Giving it and the Chi-To 15-16 hp/t wouldn’t make them remotely OP when top tier and would give both tanks much more wriggle room when bottom.
  8. STA-1 2019: I was really looking forward to playing this in its buffed state. But the pubbietardation that I’ve been witnessing from game 1 in it is genuinely disturbing. If I’m not tilting yet I will be shortly. Torquey donk, so the mobility is good despite the 45kph limit. Pretty good gun handling, pen, and dpm. Doesn’t feel T-44 or Pogetto accurate (no BiA on my crew yet though). Still tall with no armour. Still has tier 8 MM. I don’t know. I think it’ll be fun when the random in my Randoms levels out a bit.
  9. Yeah it’s weird like that. Farms well when top tier. But it feels like a mediocre tier 6 at best when running up against even most tier 8s.
  10. Just started using my free rental of the 2. Great mobility and gun handling. But the alpha and dpm combo is still on the meh side of things. I’d take the STA-1’s extra dpm over the 2’s extra mobility in the current meta, since the 1 still gets around well anyway.
  11. Glad to say I can only imagine how useless this tank would be against tier 9s, because I didn’t see one of them during the grind. Kinda fun to play with the current MM. Hurting pubbies in such a famously shit tank feels good.
  12. That’s quite the necro @Bluemoons. But thanks for alerting me to the existence of this thread.
  13. Sounds like my Comet grind. 18 games of Chi-Ri under my belt. Eleven games top tier. Seven vs tier 8. But not a tier 9 in sight (knock on wood). Feels decent when top tier because it's clip genuinely hurts lower tiers. But the gulf between it and tier 8 armour and OP premiums is insanely huge. So in the context of the current MM: a just serviceable tank. Kind of fun in it's own shit way even cause of the pew pew. If you ever intended to grind it instead of haemorrhaging "free" XP, now is the time.
  14. If the Chi-Nu had 18 hp/t I’d agree it gets around better. But it doesn’t. It has 15. Better than the To’s 12 hp/t. But still shit, especially when combined with a top speed of 38kph. That’s the issue with the Chi-Nu: every time it should be better at something it isn’t. It’s better hp/t vs Chi-To is still poor. Add the speed cap and I maintain the To is on average better at relocating around the map. The Nu’s “better” top gun handling vs the stock pew pew still adds up to shit gun handling and comes with bonus abysmal dpm. The Nu has no redeeming features vs the Ke-Ho or the Chi-To and is significantly weaker than either tier for tier.
  15. Bought it tonight. Will start the stock grind tomorrow.... @Hîr-am-Helcaraxë I’m hoping the current matchmaking, where tier 7s never seem to see tier 9s anymore, holds for this grind. It’s a massive indirect buff for a bunch of mediocre-shitty tanks at this tier.
  16. @Dirizon as I said above, Chi-To happily sits on 44kph on the flat. No IS-7 syndrome to speak of. I’ve never talked about theoretical top speed, but what kind of speed you can expect to maintain when moving around the map.
  17. Nu tops out at 38kph on the flat. To happily chugs along at 44kph on the flat. Leaving spawn the Chi-To and T-34-85M seem pretty evenly paced, even uphill. So certainly not great. But perfectly serviceable. And the extra 6kph vs the Nu is a big deal when trundling to the other side of the map.
  18. Like the tier 5 it’s huge and made of paper. But unlike that piece of shit it has just enough mobility to relocate in a timely fashion and a good gun; Cromwell dpm with the handling to frequently deliver it. I’m enjoying the grind. Think I prefer it to the Strv 74. The Chi-To’s extra ~400 dpm is more useful more often than 15 degrees of gun depression.
  19. “Legitimately” ... you scumbag.
  20. @Assassin7 grinding arty in 2019. What kind of arsehole are you?* *if you say it’s for missions....
  21. What a comedown after the glory of the Ke-Ho. Huge and made of paper. Tops out at 38kph on the flat. The first two of three gun 75mm “upgrades” are significantly worse than the stock 57mm. The top gun is merely a side grade. What meagre gains you make in alpha and gun handling are offset by the massive hit you take to dpm. Ke-Ho felt effective against tier 5s. This feels useless against tier 6s.
  22. Just finished grinding this. Pleasantly surprised. Even with a zero skill 75% crew this thing kicks a lot of goals. The tier 5 on the other hand....
  23. The other night I woke up around 4am and thought I’d have to get up to take a leak. But then I did a fart that had enough volume to take the pressure down. So I went back to sleep.
  24. Epic grind: check For negligible reward: check Tedious gameplay: check Shit falling from the sky: check Everything seems to be in order.
  25. Yeah I can put up with everything else but maps post patch 1.0 really sucked the fun out of the game for me. Haven’t spent a cent on the game this year and can’t see that changing without major map revisions/reversions occurring (so never).
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