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  1. Yeah I don't know about your arty hatred, I sort of think limiting each team to 1 arty would more or less fix the issue. Still, anyone camping without arty is punished, and you're generally up HP if you bring an extra scout, compared to your opponent, on most maps. They simply killed the game with their greed. They thought they had something totally finished, a complete product, then took their best people off their complete product, and now they'll never ever make as much money as they might have. Mostly, killing competitive play is what caused the fallout. Can't understand it, just have to accept it. Issue is, nobody has a similar game. WT is not good, sorry. In 50 years, this won't be an issue, 2013 WOT will be available on your phone, but today, it's a travesty. I honestly think it's a pride issue. They have so many fucking shitheads with 0 fucking clue, who want to tell us the best way to play a fucking tank. I mean, planes in WWII proved how OP they are against tanks, why revisit the matter?????
  2. So much of what has been said is just figuring out the meta of each map. They play pretty predictably 80% of the time I'd say. Helps to know the win % of a given tank too, but if you run vanilla, you don't get that information. Just paying attention, and having a very short debrief at the end of every game that's more than "omg my team is retarded" gets you a lot of places. What did you do that worked well, what didn't. Did any enemy really do anything you should have been surprised by? Probably not, so how can you deal with it faster and better next time? For me, my best was playing around 3k recent, I think I could have pushed to 4k if I had wanted, but I just loved being aggressive. Even hitting 2.5k is a challenge in my current situation, I maybe try to get 1 or 2 doubles a few times a month. It can be 6 months inbetween games for me. The maps aren't really changing a ton right now, but the meta, I mean it always felt stagnant, but it does change from time to time, I can tell you that. I will get punished hard for getting early shots from a specific spot, or whatever. Still, there are general placements, or rules, that allow you to do better or worse.
  3. git gud

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      He's already unicum at giving long drunken speeches about the nature of life. I loved those.

    2. KruggWulf


      I know, and arguing with me about 'classical instruments' being used with modern style music.


      Also incase musgrat ever sees this, I thought you'd be proud aL4bIAb.png

  4. rite, ok. Actually I'm good at everything, bitch!
  5. We're still figuring things out, and there are about 10 old dossies we really want back, but things are going pretty well. Again, we couldn't have done this without the support of the tanking community. #blessed
  6. 2900 recent, 2000 overall, 4 tier X.
  7. Yo! Come back dude. Also we are upping the requirements.
  8. Ya it's like halfway decent and all here, just crazy. We are recruiting quality 7 year olds.
  9. You could add DOS back in if you want. 3 tier 10s, 2700 recent.
  10. Cannot imagine having to play the T95. The number of matches where your team is dead before you get to shoot things would be unbearable. In other news, we're still recruiting. I know you people were wondering.
  11. It took me a second to figure out what Ian's avatar is, just lol. Ian you are the best.
  12. Like smiley said, dos recruiting and all. Love to have you.
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