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  1. I think, I will be tossing and turning all night trying to grasp that laser life hack.
  2. Damn that sucks. My mate just had an issue with his tutor in another programming subject, kind of similar to that. The average score of the unit was 2.5/40. He got 40 though lol. Apparently about 15+ people got 0/40 :o Nice will check the blog. Haha yeah I've seen similar stuff mentioned about C++. I'm of the view that if one language will work fine for a task, there's no need to make things harder than you have to. E.g, if I can do something simply and quickly in Python and get the desired result, that's fine I definitely wouldn't start with C++ or C. VB would be a better pl
  3. Awesome! Speaking of Lego, it's actually what got me into programming. My parents bought me the lego mindstorms robotics sets... and that kinda kicked me off for life I guess Started when I was 15 with some C# and VB and learned the basics of programming but since then for the last 2 years I've been working for my Bach. of IT. I've done multiple units in OOP and web development in most popular languages... and I'm actually learning C at the moment (tricky but fun/interesting having to do a lot of things a more 'manual' & less object oriented way). That's great that you got a j
  4. Nice job with the website Adrian. I'm guessing you've used ASP.NET- have you got a history in IT/Programming? I did an ASP.NET unit as part of my degree a year or so ago. Enjoyed it thoroughly but forgotten a lot of stuff lol.
  5. Yeah true. Either way the game is dying fast thanks to their incompetence...
  6. This is not really the issue though. The problem is WG's immediate change to the EULA in regards to nerfing/changing premium tanks. They were stuck for a while because the community is in uproar about it but they were like "haHAAAa LoL LeTS cHaNGE ThE EuLA, GoTTEM" and now are able to completely change said tanks without really worrying about refunding.
  7. Yeah been that way for a few days now. Think on the bright side, if you have a bad session you have an excuse not to check your stats and die on the inside when you see < 50% wr.
  8. 9. when you get 3 losses in a row, stop playing and go do something that's actually fun instead of telling yourself "the next one will be a win" and proceeding to lose 10 in a row because you get tilted from losing the first 3.
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