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  1. Im at T32 now and T49.Going for E5 and T57 heavy.E5 getting nerfed and T49 losing derp
  2. Dpm buff will also be nice damn any buff to that tank will be nice
  3. Thank you guys yea the eu forum is not much different.Event guys commenting on your spelling errors lol. This is my second language so i make some errors. Oh i love the emoticons here
  4. A buff to British Medium tank turret will also be nice im currently at the Cent 7/1 and the turret is not that good here and there bounces a shot
  5. Hi there guys i am RSAGhost been playing Wot since 2014 been using this site mostly for checking my stats to see if im improving.Then came across some articles on the site to improve my game and here i am looking forward to learning more and having some fun chatting about the game i love,sometimes hate and rage about Oh btw i am from South Africa and a 33 years old male Gl Hf
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