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  1. https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-operation-gambit/ Dont kill me for linking that,I mean its just a free new tank/bonds for you guys but due to that,Do you guys know any clans that has a chance of getting rewards that would take a tomato like me?,As ive left Rebels due to me being inactive but now gonna try my chance for the 121b...
  2. Thanks 1.Yes I was rushing my shots on the LTTB because I dont want to be exposed to arty the moment I fire 2.Yea If he hadnt Afk'd in the battle we could have won I was actually thinking of this when i both reasearched them,Armor Or mobility,I ended up buying the Jgp because of mobility.
  3. Hi guys http://wotreplays.com/site/3693722#el_halluf-ervin4661-jagdpanther_ii I would like to know what could i have done better at this game Any advice,critique, is very much appreciated thanks.:)
  4. My biggest damage to date and still a loss. http://wotreplays.com/site/3658123#steppes-ervin4661-t110e5 We could have won if that 183 didn't go afk.Sigh
  5. He's the one who played shit on his tank,did only 494 damage and finally fired at me because of stupidity,I dont see any reason being ashamed by that Chatban me if i did abuse chat,could stop me from shit talking retarded teams.
  6. Since this is a name and shame thread and I'm new to this forum,I would like to contribute, This Skorpion G who's only damage the entire game was 494 fired at me because of reason''I pushed him into enemies guns'' when in reality I turned left and didnt really bumped into him and then we quarelled and even said to me watch the replay. http://wotreplays.com/site/3204359#cliff-ervin4661-jagdpanther_ii. Progamerlol is his Ign Sry bad english im sleepy Edit:STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING I was pretty pissed because I didnt do shit to him
  7. 6MZA9HZRAK5HZMT2, The advent calendar code for those that still doesnt have it,also what does it give?Cant online till tom.
  8. Victory! Battle: Highway Vehicles: Object 907 Experience received: 1,389 Credits earned: 55,658 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Yea, Mastered it on my 40th battle,Just done 4k damage and 5K Damage on spotting/tracks Now all I need to do is fix that damn Winrate :/
  9. Chosed 907,played it solo mode,and got a 27% winrate on 29 battles Y U DO THISSS I am so definitely gonna play with plat mates with that tank.
  10. GG Pyro Guys, If I just Sured shot on that batchat I cant freaking upload the damn pics,oh Well you guys know that battle.
  11. Thanks!,Im still learning the basics here but I doubt I'll know all of it,Anyways Gotta sleep its like midnight in here.
  12. Hi Guys,Im new to this forum(Mainly because digging out old threads on the Wot forum) Wait a minute,WHERES THE TOGGGGGGGGG,Shit Im waiting for it,Is this the Real calendar?Please no bully I noob
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