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  1. Teal* Also how do you get 4k recents with sub 60% recent winrate o.o That's extremely impressive.
  2. PR is also randomly adjusted by team battles for different people. Personally my pr rises or falls by 40-80 points on average with every team battle win or loss. I've had nights where I gain 200-300 pr and nights where I lose that too. I got up to 9150pr one night only to drop 200 the next. It's very frusterating not being able to play team battles becuase my pr is in extreme limbo. On the other side I've seen players with a lot of team battles literally not lose or gain pr for hundreds of team battles. I'm sure I could get up to 10k pr if I had a good enough team battle team and we played every night, even though it wouldn't be a real 10k pr.
  3. Can confirm, m46 stats 5k wn8, 62a stats 2450 wn8. where is russian bias? ? ? ?
  4. unicum in tier 10's averaging teel in low tiers :^) Might want to wait until he actually has some high tier vehicles before you say he can't play on EU. Also playstyles are different like I said, NA is campy and EU is yolo. Like I said before, go watch poshybrid who has thousands of battles on both servers.
  5. Eu server is easier than NA tho. You just sit back and wait for people to yolo into you. In Na, people only camp, no one ever pushes, so you're the one that either has to push into the enemy or wait for a draw. I'm not sure if you've ever played on NA before, but I've played on EU. Besides the 250 ping I get on their servers, it was a breeze. Poshybrid also plays a lot on both servers, multiple 10's on each and super uni stats, go ask him for his opinion too. Russia is even easier than EU because even more people yolo. Going onto the test server proves that part, I only get good games on the test server because the majority of russians just suicide.
  6. My overalls dropped 80 and my recents dropped almost 500, guess that's what I get for trying to grind the patton :^) Does kinda suck I can't really play my tier 10 meds anymore due to crazy expectes, and I guess I'll have to free exp the e-50 because fuck 4.5k expected lol. Never said that stuff was going to change slightly in v30 in a couple weeks, so I wouldn't get too upset. There's no way they're keeping it at 4.5k expected, that's absolutely insane even for a tier 10 tank.
  7. So I just finished grinding the m46, my recents went from 3300 to 2850 Apparently 100% marking the m46 and 3500 damage is barely uni wn8, good meme But for real, please lower it just a tiny bit, maybe so that 3500 is like barely super uni? I'd be happy with that.
  8. I was stuck at 2800 for a good 7k battles and I had the same questions. I ended up taking a break from the game, watched some streams, came back and started playing at mid-high 3k's. I'd highly recommend mailand121, he just plays the game very well and doesn't get frustrated much. He streams in EU time so you may just need to watch his vods. Other than that just be very self-critical. Only blame yourself, that's the only way you can truly get better. Try new things and figure out what works and what doesn't. Getting good at a game isn't easy and takes a lot of time and effort
  9. I'm bad at attaching pictures so I hope gyzao is an acceptable substitute! Had this guy randomly message me https://gyazo.com/d48a259c5c515e63ee3b988c56dcd70e Looked up his stats right after (left is mine, right is his. Yes I know I have a bad hit ratio don't make fun)https://gyazo.com/e1a19aed67a86649adef1a2bdf0cc79a If hit ratio really qualifies someone for hacking, and 67% is the threshold, then there are a lot of hackers around Also, I'm not sure why he said "we know all about you man" but I felt it really added a dramatic effect..
  10. I took a 5 month break, started playing 3.5-4k wn8 instead of 2.8k like the last 8k battles I had. At least for me, when I came back I had a more open mindset and improved in several areas I was ignoring before. Just watch some good eu streamers and focus on re-learning things you may have forgotten or new tanks that were introduced.
  11. Yes, anything above 445 penetrates more camo, but it still really isn't worth it. Most tanks you can't see at 445 you won't be able to see at 470 or 480. You'll need to be 50m away from most any light tank as long as they aren't shooting no matter your camo penetration. It's so much better to have a better reload, smaller aiming reticle, less resistance while driving, etc, just by having the vents. You'll be able to use all of those bonuses far more than the off chance that you spot something extra you wouldn't have without the bonus camo penetration.
  12. It really depends. Pretty much every tier 10 medium you want to run vents over optics. Purely because with vents you'll more than likely be hitting the 445 cap already, so there isn't any point in getting optics. Vents improves every part of your tank, so if you ever hit 445 without the optics, always go vents. Best setup for mediums is usually vents/rammer/vert stab, if it's an autloader usually gld instead of rammer. Also running food makes sure you hit 445 w/o optics Then you get a 20% crew bonus with food/vents/bia which means you reload faster than everything
  13. Makes sense, I just came back to steal back my recent wn8, you will no longer have more than me!
  14. Hello, I am a simple tanker aspiring for 4k recents without doing it all on the m46 patton. It's hard
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