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  1. We're an Incumbent clan using AEST/DST for times. Have members based in all the major centres in Australia and New Zealand. Also have members in the Philippines but as long as you speak fluent English it should be fine. We do tier 6 strongholds/clan wars and we do tier 10 advances on weekends at 1900 and 2300hrs. Requirements: Played at least 1000 battles and has a tier 6 (pref Cromwell/Type 64/Hellcat) we sometimes take smurf accounts Speak English fluently Has/Is able to use Discord If interested reply below with you IGN. If you're on 48 hour cooldow
  2. I'm a pleb Charioteer player, but I've cranked a fuckton of games in it. Whoever says the Charioteer has no camo... my full camo crew has me outspotting most 8 and 9 mediums with optics. The only thing that really needs buffed is that horrendous bloom.Accuracy with my crew is .33 and I'm hitting way more shots in it than the * cough * .29 on the Skorp. To answer the question though, does it need a buff? Yes... Does it need a powercreep buff like all the antics WG are doing? No...
  3. I thought I would love this thing, first game I just excitedly pressed battle and top tier in Ruinburg just blasted 2k damage. Forgot repair and med kit and became useless after I got hit by a HE 122mm shell. From then on I've absolutely struggled to play it, imo it's not a special tank. Only thing the Skorp G has going for it is that laser gun and half decent handling. IMO it's a German TD that tries to be a Charioteer, but it's nowhere near as good. It may have better DPM and much better Gun Handling but the Charioteer has better Pen, Shell Velocity, Mobility, has armour that can't be o
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