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  1. volim_velike_sise

    i like big boobs is asking for your help

    ur right, i was living a lie 90mm isnt fun, and everything is in the waist, if the waist is good all kinds of boobs and asses are good
  2. volim_velike_sise

    i like big boobs is asking for your help

    it used to stop in everything, i didn't play for a couple of months and now i've heard it changed couple of patches ago :/ flat ass too?
  3. volim_velike_sise

    i like big boobs is asking for your help

    hello there kind people tankers wise and stuff so i guess this will be a topic for my replays and hopefully your reviews and wise suggestions first i have this very recent, like 5mins ago, battle in my favourite derpmaster t49 in which i suck but is so awesomly fun to play so i dont care anyways, in the end i was sure when i enter the cap the count will stop but it didn't and my mistake cost us the game since when the count doesn't stop? what is there that i'm not aware of? http://wotreplays.eu/site/4195244#sacred_valley-volim_velike_sise-t49
  4. volim_velike_sise

    Patch 9.19

    i'd offer 21 but your recents kinda dropped
  5. volim_velike_sise

    GW Tiger - How to win?

    what tank???
  6. volim_velike_sise

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    my average is 2500dpg with 1390 in my 12-13 games after the patch, pretty nice improvement over the 900dpg before
  7. volim_velike_sise

    Upcoming possibility to sell premium tanks for gold

    not really sure what they can do on a huge ass tank with absolutely no armour i mean, if they give it skorpions gun with 490 alpha, but they won't
  8. volim_velike_sise

    AMX 13 90 Fan Club

    man this tank now so freakin good i cannot belive it
  9. volim_velike_sise

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    i've actually played it a lot since it is potentialy a great damage dealer but the amount of arty one shots is so frustrating, really most games are 0 or 3-4k dmg
  10. volim_velike_sise

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    buying this tank worst decision ever arty loves it and the worst problem is how tall it is so everyone can shoot you above the gun when u cant even see them really hate it thus far i was told it's playstyle was similar to revalorise which i love, but so far i struggle more than with any tank in my garage, my games are either 3-3.5k dmg or dead within 2 minutes
  11. volim_velike_sise

    Fyreon's replays | 5k+ recent

    The crossing at E0 is risk i was willing to take, actually expected to get shot once, and combine that with my logic of lurking in the open(without a proper idea) at that point in the game is why i'm not and probably never will be a unicum @IfICouldFly actually said the same thing about the K line, i'll give it more thought next time, but i do agree i was lucky as i've tried that position couple of times later without great success, they've countered my moves quite easily Appreciate the insight, will try to learn
  12. volim_velike_sise

    obj 140 or t62a as first unlock from t54?

    well i've blocked 3 shells in a row from jpe100 with a t62a, but i still like the 140 better cuz of the +1 gun dep
  13. volim_velike_sise

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    it hasn't lost it's 152?
  14. volim_velike_sise

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    i've been playing it the last couple of days, trying to do lt15-3, crippled my wr but managed to pull up with a couple of decent games http://wotreplays.com/site/3512822#prokhorovka-volim_velike_sise-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3512198#sand_river-volim_velike_sise-t49 http://wotreplays.com/site/3505741#paris-volim_velike_sise-t49