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  1. Vi är främst en svensk klan som spelar tillsammans för att utveckla vårat lagspel mao fokus på teamwork i pluton och i lagspel och ha roligt. Krav för att gå med : min 16 år (med moget beteende) min 6000 PR min 50% WR samt intresserad av pluton och lagspel. Prövotid används Tank krav minst 1 av nedanstånde i varje tier Tier 6: Cromwell ,Type64 ,t37 Tier 8: IS3,T54light, AMX 50 -100, T32/34 Tier 10: minst en medium för pluton spel självfallet så ska du ha minst six sence We are primarily a Swedish clan that plays together to develop our team play with focus on tea
  2. Aye Trolled. By better i mean iam more often in a better position to help the team to win then i was in HT/TD. Playing Meds and lights have forsed me to be more observant to the gameflow. and not only holding/pushing one flank. But thx fore the answer. And i will do my research better Cheers Delta
  3. Hi. I have seen alot off the best player have a avg Dmg 4-6K. I have changed my play stayle from HT/TD to only play Meds and lights. Which have made me a better player, if you compare me to driving HT/TD. In some whay i can now carry my team better than before. But i can only get 4-6k dmg 3 out of 10 games. Most off my games are only 1,5-3k dmg. So How do you do it Cheers Delta
  4. Hi and thx. What i have read so far its not that toxic in here. If you compare it to the official forums.
  5. Hi my name is __Delta_ (Mattis) and i am from sweden. Iam fed up with the official WoT forum, its to toxic, And today i found WoTlabs forum. It seems all the good players are in here. And hopefully i can get good advice in here how to improve my game. Ps Sorry fore my spelling. Cheers Delta
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