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  1. Have another "thank you" from me. I was unaware this game tracked statistics initially. I played my first 4.5k or so games for fun, can you imagine? I was disappointed when I discovered I was a bad player, but decided to try and improve. Reading stuff like this has meant my stats are gradually improving. I've gone from red to orange, hopefully I can get to yellow and continue to improve from there. I go through spells of turning the chat off completely. It get's so toxic at times. I only turn it back on because I get it in my head that I could be missing something important. I can remember one match where a few of the players that had died were offering good advice and encouragement to the few remaining survivors. It was so strange playing WoT with friendly chat. It was nice, it's a shame it doesn't happen more.
  2. Thanks, I'll have a look at your twitch stream when I get home. I can handle the bullying, so long as there is the odd crumb of good advice thrown my way
  3. Good Morning, I'm a bad player looking to improve. I had no idea this game had stats until fairly recently and was disappointed to see how poor I am. I've been using various online resources for a little while now. Mainly this forum, and Sir Havocs YouTube channel. This place seems far less insane that the "other" forum, so decided to sign up. I'm hoping to get quite a lot of games in over the Xmas break from work, so no-doubt I'll have lots of questions. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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