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  1. i would honestly wait for the new 20XX cards since they should help calm the demand of GPU's for miners (just this black friday you could get a 1080ti around $750 - $800 and now you'll be lucky to find em under $1k) in addition these cards are going to be more powerful and should be less expensive, they are on full speed production to meet the demand of miners and gamers https://wccftech.com/nvidia-ampere-ga104-gpu-geforce-gtc-2070-gtx-2080-launching-april/amp/
  2. lordawesome7

    Obj 430U

    honestly in most cases the 5A will outdo the 113 based on the better alpha alone, so if you are on the fence i'd go with the 5A
  3. it gives you scaling options to your zoom so you can zoom out and in fast, efficiently, and precisely as one needs vs. a sluggish shift press in comparison i could fully zoom in and out by the time you press shift once its fine for beginners or for those who don't have a scroll wheel or bad one, but for the most part scroll wheel basically gives you more options that can be excuted faster; its why i can't go back to WoT on console, the preset zoom options are terrible and switching between them is too slow for be to effectively hit tanks and fall back rapidly everyone is different and you're not forced to use scroll wheel but it does give much more options much faster than pressing shift key, even spamming it wouldn't be as fast or precise as a good scroll wheel movement in comparison for the majority of us and i don't think you can zoom out with shift last time i check (i played a handful of games with trackpad, pressing shift was not the way to zoom out in 3rd person and using shift isn't fun in my experience in general)
  4. only 2 lights i've played ssince the change were the LTTB and the wz 132; both are pretty good but i'm not fond of low caliber guns in higher tiers unless they have exceptional DPM so the wz is more fun for me in that reguard i also have the black bulldog but thats premium; with that said its better than the tech tree bulldog in virtually everyway, especially since the nerf the m41 is a broken shell of its former self the same can be said about the bc 12t, while not existing prior to the changes, its is a very poor upgrade from the 13 75 and i pity anyone who has to grind that thing, the 13 90 may have had awful gun handling and no vert stab in pre change, it did have a lot of view range and camo, making it the most effective scouting tank; following the changes the bc 12t took its place and doesn't live up to the 13 90 having awful view range and a mediocre burst, its only redeeming value could be its gun handling and camo, but due to its poor alpha and view range, i can't say its ever been a threat on the battlefield adding to that, the premium counterpart to the 12t is a much better scout overall with a much better damage output, view range, and gun depression, i can't see anyone picking 12t over this in the for fun category https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/09/20/wot-elc-even-90-and-aufklarungspanzer-v/#jp-carousel-47590 the hwk looks dumb but it uphold the SPIC values of being a rear mounted light, unlike the bc 12t, it makes up for its lack luster dpm with solid view range, good acceleration and an accurate gun with good gun handling, i never played it but it doesn't seem so bad my personal scale of tech tree 8's 1. wz 132 i like big guns 2. hwk i like to scout in the scouting class 3. Lttb i like to go fast 4.bc 12t burst + vert stabs = workable 5.M41 bulldog just bad, the rest of the line isn't even worth it with the new changes, i would just avoid the Sheridan line if i had to start anew since it doesn't connect to the T57 line which was the biggest appeal of the line itself for me starting out, killing two birds with one grind
  5. i didn't say linus himself, i said his forums (it should be obvious he's not the only person in it) also who cares about that dumb mistake, his video's are pretty straight forward and informative, for the most part he doesn't go for years on end about shit i don't care about (or basic over or under explaining stuff, i think for the most part he explains things really well is my point)
  6. unless you really need that kind of cpu for your workstation i would personally cut that for a ryzen 5 or 7 (though threadripper will definitely give you more bang for your buck if you really need more than a ryzen 7) and get a 1080ti gpu and 16-32 gb of ram, personally i never capped out my 16gb of ram so i never had a need for more I would recommend asking a more populated forum like linus's forum, the people there are really informative and they'll tell you whats a good idea for the most part https://linustechtips.com/main/
  7. literally if he had used auto aim instead of trying to snipe in a brawl he would've connected any of those stupid misses he made but gg on your end
  8. if you have OCD about you're wn8 than missing shots would be an issue but just running full AP 9/10 is going to be more profitable than spamming apcr, and the lowe has great gun handling and if you actually get in a nice hulldown or side scrap position you can aim down your shots pretty well it sounds like to me you're more of a medium player than a heavy player because a good heavy regardless of tier will put himself where he can maximize their firepower and armor; the lowe of which has both in very outstanding values and great accuracy at the raw trade off of DPM, its a very effective machine in the right hands this is an old replay (i think before its major buff) and i used it quite well besides a few minor mistakes
  9. E 50 is a tier 9 and it has less pen that the lowe; thats a pretty stupid thing to bring up also i literally mentioned super heavies but nice bringing up a straw man as the basis of your argument, you aren't going to see 6 type 5s in a lowe, that can't happen in 3 5 7 MM so if you really can't deal with it, you should've of put yourself in that position its your fucking game so you can play like shit for all i care but don't bother bringing up an argument if you can't read past a sentence
  10. why on gods earth would you have a need to spam apcr in a lowe, t34, or any other high pen premium idk who said it but they're stupid, i could understand half and half but with the ammo capacity (iits well over 60 and you don't have much RoF) of the lowe you have literally no need for a only apcr loadout as your AP is almost on par with tier X at tier 8, it has really solid pen and accuracy and it would be a waste of credits to predominantly run APCR on a tank with such high pen is a waste (im not saying never use gold but very few times have i actually had a need for it and that's generally for super-heavies which are designed to have stupid armor, but they don't make up the majority of a team on an average game, even bottom tier it isn't that bad if you pick your fights and not solo a tier X or something just as dumb)
  11. no, it doesn't fit my playstyle I prefer the bigger gun of the T 34 3, even with all its drawbacks im not much of a dpm guy unless its my T26E5 which plays nothing like the Type 59 also if they did sell it, it would be stupid expensive and then it definitely wouldn't be worth it cause it really isn't outstanding for its like some of the other rare tanks (albeit most of them are OP low tiers, but low tiers don't mean much to me)
  12. its a solid crew trainer, got 3 heavy crew (for each line) worked through that thing just don't expect to be a 252 or patriot, but it has high base pen, reliable armor when angled properly and good accuracy for a heavy; just its biggest weaknesses being its low DPM/RoF and mobility and huge lower plate, its basically a better tiger so if you've played that this should be better overall
  13. at some point you have to let the retards be retards, they don't sound like they can be reasoned with anyhow
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