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  1. juhaas

    "The Feast"

    The trouble is that no matter where on the WoT ladder you are, you'll realistically make use of no more than half of them. So while technically you'd be buying 80 tanks at 1/2 price, you will essentially be getting 40 worth a damn, at full price. No, not a rip off but not a deal either. WG is basically hoping to score few idiots who'll find this to be an opportunity. It doesn't cost them 1 freaking cent, anything they get is pure 100% free money. And because they do realize probably not a whole lotta people will go for it they're not especially worried about some massive influx of premium tank
  2. PB Blaster into the eye. Don't do it kids.

  3. thank you wg for making the game even more cancerous than ever. stupid fucking russian retards.

  4. - WoT Patch 9.17.1 Update Region Switcher locale update (NA,EU.RU) XVM 6.5.5 Audio mods fixes
  5. Yea, I know, the software needs an update I don't know what the new /mods directory is for, possibly as indicated for "packaged" mods. The old /res_mods structure still works just fine.
  6. #individual mod download I thought about it but decided it was too much effort for too little gain. Days of dial-up are over so while nice touch it really provides little benefit in most circumstances. I suppose there could be some large mods where this could be useful, I just didn't have time to spend on this aspect given everything else. #shared dictionary Not really sure what you mean by that. As for entering unique mod IDs, c'mon gimme a break, you do it once in a blue moon, I have to say this never struck me as something necessitating an automation. But hey, have at it. You
  7. final game of navi vs bs: easily thee most retarded game ever

  8. No I don't mean someone else is administering your machine, it's just that there is a difference (now) as to what you understand as being the administrator and what the OS does. It's not the same as old admin account. In the days pre-Vista, admin was the true master, now (out of the box) not so much. You can become a true admin but there is some hoop jumping, policy setting and ownership taking. The topic, as it would apply to your specific case is a bit too broad to cover in a forum post, so I'd suggest you google the subject of becoming a real admin.
  9. At this point could be your PSU (likely culprit), GPU or MOBO. The easiest thing to do at this point is to get yourself a "new" PSU to test with. Get one (temporarily) from BestBuy or your local equivalent and return when done testing. Easier to do than splurge on new PSU for no reason. If that does not bear fruit, you've got 2 GPUs but only using 1 so you can easily test that path. And if that still fails, likely the MOBO bit the dust.
  10. It's only partially true. It's not passed when not spotted but as soon as it is you can query the spotted vehicle's health. So technically, you only are not able to detect changes in HP on unspotted tank due to self-inflicted or team damage.
  11. Well, maybe you're not the admin you think you are. read up on setting the proper permissions on registry keys, your account probably has read-only access now, disable UAC (lower to None); may have to reboot into safe mode.
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