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  1. u guys have a lot of free time, maybe i came to the wrong place. Good bye
  2. is not about my stats, i asked for help because i didnt know the situation. Im sorry if i did something wrong.
  3. Oh yes, thank you... i just received a personal message from an admin and he told me to make a thread in the forum asking Kitten for some help, so i did that... im sorry if i commited an error, gonna delete this topic after the sarcasm is over. Thanks
  4. I dont know what are you saying, im just asking and the newbie section was good for me... i though that maybe is some problem with the swedish tanks and i wanted to say it to the admins so they can aware the problem... I apologize if i did anything wrong. Best regards, arkim14.
  5. Hello, since 9.17 i only play swedish tanks and them are not showing in the wotlabs site... Are you gonna fix it? Thank you. @Kitten
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