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  1. Reiuji

    Nisa pls

    Hush and gimme dem tacos You can blame Tucos for it
  2. Reiuji

    Nisa pls

    I dunno what to click, a yes or teh no, gimme time to think.. And Tucotacos stahp and give me Tacos
  3. Hey i see you lurkin


    1. xWulffx


      chickens everywhere!

  5. They were pretty bad though.. why would you push the beach area on Serene Coast in 3 TOGs in the face of a KV-2.. + sniping KV-1S's?
  6. If anything is to consider, the 122-44 is just a lower tiered 122-54 in all respects. AT-7 is just like a Black Prince with semi-uniform 200mm front +/-. It's not so hard to form opinions about them when grinding on almost same playstyle tanks. And what is the third TD? AC Mle? I played it a long long time ago, but that was test server, I wanted the Foch that badly then but not anymore.
  7. Reiuji

    2nd RU Medium Line

    Matilda LL isn't so bad, it has the best gun depression of all the Tier 5 Premies IIRC @ 12 degrees I think. You can abuse terrain with it but gotta be warned, it's slow but not slow as the freaking Matilda Black. Also, some APCR is recommended with it. (Or Full APCR spam if you want to go that way)
  8. Reiuji

    2nd RU Medium Line

    There's a reason why I played the SU-101 long enough. Now I need to train a LOT of crews or transfer some for these two and sell tanks that I don't use/need.
  9. Mle.46 is just a bigger JP with semi-bouncable front end that folds when thrown into a more than 60% Tier 8 match. AT-7 has the same problems, albeit in a slower package. Can be circle strafed by the 122-44 if the driver knows what and how he would do it. I'm pretty sure people know how I play my TD's, specially OOP. lol T25 AT has its moments but, it's really like a carbon copy of the Jagdpanther really. IMO and grounded that when it could see Tier 10s too. lol That was always enjoyable.
  10. Reiuji

    Batmobile Thread

    I would argue that it should have been Desert Tan instead, oh well. lol Bat is Fat so I go FatChat. That is all I have to say.
  11. Lol, not enough shitfuck shitfuck right thurr.
  12. Everything in Tier 7 (TDs) is junk compared to the 122-44.. unless the Sturer Emil goes into Tier 7 with that 12,8cm.
  13. Waiting for the next chapter for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio, got bored of Shingeki no Kyojin. Still waiting for more chapters of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage.
  14. That line probably sounded a bit weird for my end. Well EJVH3, if you're platooning with OOP do0d over there. You can send me a random request whenever you want, I want to see how you play etc etc.
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