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  1. Well i managed to get a 3rd mark on it 3k dpm in tier 5 seems idiotic
  2. Abuse view range(with optics) and use double bushes(good luck on city map). Basically maximize gun handling, dpm and view range since this tank is a pure sniper. Tier 8 can be tough also, just don't be too aggressive, it actually has decent enough pen unlike other tanks.
  3. 2 marked it, shit winrate because i played it solo all the time
  4. Maybe, just maybe if they buff the kanonen dpm to ultra mega level (4sec reload with bia, vents, rammer, chocolate ) , it will be enjoyable to play it.
  5. I finished the second ht 15 with kv 1...
  6. Thus, my winrate It's hillarious sometime when you still losing those 4-8k dmg games
  7. So they don't actually give panther 2 the l/100 gun, a bit sad for me
  8. It's hillarious what a platoon of maus can do without gold ammo in the game
  9. Managed to get 2700 wn8 in first 30 battle and then bad tilt games came and it went down to blue level... Not a very good tank, obj 416 is better. A dpm buff would be great tho
  10. give it 250 pen then xD. Seriously, if they buff the pen i'd be happy and start grinding E100 line( i only play it on test server cos broke af). Pls wg nerf E5
  11. Super heavy is obsolete now since E5 has the armor and speed but the alpha(which doesn't matter that much cause it has retarded dpm) Yeah i agree with you, E100 is well balanced but i think it needs more AP pen(230-240)so people don't shoot HEAT everytime
  12. Pray to MM so there is no JPE in enemy team since it can take 1/3 of your HP and 420 HEAT can blaze anywhere on your maus
  13. Well WG if you want to give E5 armor and speed atleast dont give it retarded gun handling and dpm.
  14. Wow JPE got a dpm nerf, shit box tank become might-aswell -shoot-your-teammates-tank...
  15. Not sure about this but I thought that only the kranvagn can bounce JPE 420 heat, based on personal experience 420 HEAT can blaze through both emil turrets like knife through butter..
  16. Wow nice website there man, i obviously didn't know that yet..
  17. Finished HT-15 stug iv mission with kv-1 , dafuq is this.... seriously...
  18. Yeah man, it's pretty retarded when you can permatrack 2 tank at the same time...
  19. So i'm curious about this, how the turret do against JPE 420 pen HEAT? i've penned many times to the tier 8 and 9 except this one.
  20. I usually just free exp the gun(plus track/turret if it's required to mount the gun), cause gun is what makes a tank. Luckily german tanks have decent stock gun(i play mostly germans) so i rarely use free exp.
  21. Thanks man for the replay one thing i noticed is that patience is most important thing, if i were you i would just yolo circle that JPE and probably get shot by arty because the game is hopeless anyway. Great game as i would expect from a very good player. Question tho, do you always run premium account? does running premium consumable really help a lot(gun handling,reloadtime,etc)?
  22. Can u send some of your MT replays? I'd like to see how to properly play a medium since i don't really play medium on high tier and i want to learn it from a better player
  23. Thanks a lot for the feedback man That game in malinovka was so f-ing bad, i realised that position only works with tank with stronk turret(russian) or atleast a small tank. I realised there's no way i could've won that game in airfield so i was just trying to ram comet and farm last damages ( i knew there was su100y there with low health). Turned out it was a bad idea. On himmelsdorf i was just a little bit tilt then get lucky that i could win the game and didn't die Those unnecessary HP lost tho in every game, gonna work on that so i have a chance to carry late game. Th
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