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    Pinkerson got a reaction from Tigeh in Elimination: Tier 8 Premiums - Patriot's Providence (COMPLETE)   
    Maybe,  just maybe if they buff the kanonen dpm to ultra mega level (4sec reload with bia, vents, rammer, chocolate ) ,  it will be enjoyable to play it.  
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    Pinkerson got a reaction from ZXrage in 9.17.1 supertest   
    Wow a gun longer than lotr trilogy
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    Pinkerson reacted to Proloser in Help me improve my game and winrate, solo is a nightmare   
    Ok, here's the replays. One thing to note is that I am most certainly not the best player in WoT and as such I didn't play particularly well 100% of the time in the replays, quite a few times I whizzed around in circles trying to make up my mind on where I wanted to go next, and looking back at them now there were a bunch of openings that I could have done more early damage in; a better player will definitely criticise me for that but for the most part they were decent games. Batchat replay was 8k damage + 8 kills, the T-62A replay was 7.7k damage + 5 kills, and both were wins.
    By the way, excuse my 'useless team' comment; I couldn't have wont that without our E3 and T92. Was feeling a bit cranky that day kek.
    Hope it helps
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    Pinkerson reacted to Proloser in Help me improve my game and winrate, solo is a nightmare   
    Do you have a 9.16 client still available? I'm pretty sure I have a few replays for 9.16 but haven't got any good ones for 9.17 since I can't play for beans with 250-400 ping kek.
    Actually I think I have 9.16 still on my other computer. Let me go check, if I do I can record a few replays and put them on YT.
    Yep had a copy of 9.16 still there. I only have a couple of replays worth showing; a lot of other ones I have I made too many silly mistakes in them to be worthwhile watching. I'll upload to youtube overnight then I'll link them to you.
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    Pinkerson reacted to Proloser in Help me improve my game and winrate, solo is a nightmare   
    - First replay on Malinovka, you wasted a lot of time in the mid just taking damage and not being able to put out any because what you were shooting at was mostly hull down or at a distance which made it hard to actually hit stuff. I don't play that game mode (Encounter is the correct word for it?) at all but going mid seems to me like a bad idea if no one is capping the base, as you're putting yourself in a position that's at a disadvantage because you have no cover and there's not much you can do in terms of pushing a flank there. 
    I think if you had gone hill first, it would have been more useful. When you did go hill, there wasn't much you could do because you had already lost your HP in mid so you could only risk taking a very chancy shot at the T29's cupola. 
    - What I noticed on the Himmelsdorf replay, is that you're losing WAY too much HP due to careless positioning of your tank. You keep sticking out 90 degrees to the incoming fire, showing the enemy your side, time after time after time which wastes so much HP that you could have kept by just sidescraping out at an angle that will ricochet shells (or at least be a smaller target to shoot at than the huge flat side of the Panther).
    - This ties in with your bad positioning of the tank, you are trading 1 shot for 1 hit almost every time. This is a very bad idea with such a low alpha gun. You should be sidescraping out or baiting the enemy into firing, then try to return at least 2 shells for every 1 shell shot at you, although don't take that to the point where you are exposing yourself for way to long.
    - Another thing I noticed is that you are missing far too many shots that you could have hit if you had just aimed better. If I can hit most of my shots with ~230ms ping then you can easily do it with ~30ms. There's nothing wrong with taking snapshots (in fact, it's a great idea to do it) but I saw a lot of shots that you could have aimed longer and would have hit. Also; why do you zoom out then in regularly when you shoot? That won't help with your accuracy. 
    - You played that quite well for the most part, you took up the good medium tank position which is good to see. Problem came again though with your positioning of the tank (unnecessarily exposing yourself, for example) and your trading. The first time the O-I poked his head around the corner, you could have put 1 shot into him then pulled back, but instead you sat there giving him time to aim and then hit you for like 400HP IIRC. 
    - Why did you rush the Comet at the end? That has a fast firing gun just like you and he had more HP so in a 1 on 1 situation like that you would have lost even without the SU-100Y putting a big shell into you (which also brings up the fact that you forgot that the SU-100Y was there; you need to remember not to forget stuff like that, it can cost you the game if you forget the location of a tank that can do high alpha damage to you). 
    That said, you were dead either way there but you probably should have backed off the hill and tried to go somewhere that you could put a few shots into the Comet before he can shoot you; for example if I was in that position, as soon as I saw the Comet, I would have gone up to D2 to farm a bit more damage until I died.
    Your awareness seems to be ok, but I would work on reading the map more and seeing where you could be more useful (for example going mid on Malinovka was not the best place to go as you couldn't do damage there).
    Anyway so a TL;DR; version of that would be:
    - You need to work on your positioning of the actual tank when you are brawling.
    - You need to stop losing unnecessary HP in fights (related to better positioning).
    - You need to stop trading 1 for 1; the Panther can't do that with it's low alpha.
    - Work on your awareness; read the map more often and try to go places where you are needed. 
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    Pinkerson got a reaction from Tanager in Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions   
    KV-1 with 85 mm has 2300ish dpm.....
    So P2 dpm with l/100 is horrible indeed
    88mm l100 is coming in 2017 or next patch i think
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