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  1. Now learning that the Object 140 will have a pretty similar playstyle to the T-62a, would any of the skill suggestions change? I played both the object 140 and the t-62a on the test server this morning and I found them to be equally fun and pretty similar.
  2. Hi everyone. I just bought my T-34-85 and I went for the 100% crew so that I could grab skills and perks and have them level up as I transfer the crew all the way up to the T-62a. Which skills and perks would you all recommend that I could start them on so that when they reach the T-62a will be leveled up? And why? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Orangyvv! Good to hear I am working towards good tanks. I'll continue on with the american TD then.
  4. Hi everyone! My name is crummo, in game iBrakeForGoliaths. I have been playing WoT since closed beta when wargaming was handing out beta keys via massively.com. I have taken a few breaks from the game over the past couple years, but I am back playing again and really enjoying it. This time around I am trying to really take it seriously and learn how to become a better player. I guess that is what has led me to this community. I spend most of my time in Tank Destroyers, my favorite tank being the T49. I love the rate of fire, speed and maneuverability. The rest of my time is spent on t
  5. My favorite tank. Quick and nimble, with a great gun for the match ups it gets.
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