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  1. Yeah. 3/5/7 was never tested properly. The test server is a horrible laboratory for a strict template test. It is mostly tier 10 matches.
  2. WG admits the MM is a failure: Maybe they will properly fix it now so we get an even balance of top, middle, and bottom tier matches again? Use the old MM's system for team creation (no strict templates) and combine it with the current team balancing mechanics that we have now. Even experience with top, middle, and bottom, and even teams.
  3. It was posts like yours and some others last year that encouraged me to dig into the data and discover this information and eventually to crusade about the issue. So in a way, I should be thanking you too! /salute! Good luck out there on the battlefield!
  4. Can someone please identify which program or website Circon is using here at 22:43? https://youtu.be/p4EJW4pu1BI?t=22m43s
  5. As a collector, I'd like to see the Type 59 (yes, I said it. Somebody was going to). And I don't want it to be part of some $900 bundle either. I know it is a pretty mediocre medium these days, but it would be nice to play it a few times before I stop playing this game.
  6. Sorry 3MAJ86. I didn't see your reply here until now. :-\ I don't know if Excel export would work. Do you mean comma delineated (or something like that? It's been a long time since I played with that stuff).
  7. I have Office, but without Access. So I couldn't really do much with it.
  8. You're welcome! You took time out of your life to help out, and you didn't have to do that. I appreciate it. You can send me the info, if you want. How large is the file? It is the replays?
  9. No, it is okay. Approximate numbers are good. I was off by one, but I will check my math again. Thank you for all of your help! I sent you a small gift. It is from my EU account, Bisquik. Good luck out there on the battlefield!
  10. This is great 3MAJ86! Do you have the actual numbers for each tier? 1 bottom = 7 2 bottom = 9? 3 bottom = 5? 4 bottom = 11? 5 bottom = 32? 6 bottom = 61? 7 bottom = 64? 8 bottom = 32? 9 bottom = 7? I know I must be off somewhere. Can you let me know which one it is? THANK YOU again for your help! I appreciate it!
  11. This was a nice write-up to put the event into perspective. Thanks. I'll attempt all three until the grinds or the wife force me to stop.
  12. This weekend would be great. Thank you again for your help! I appreciate it!
  13. Hi 3MAJ86. I hate to bother you again, but if you still have your old match information, can you tell me how many bottom tier tanks were in your bottom tier matches? How often were you a single bottom tier tank at tier 8? Or in a group of 2, 3, or 4?
  14. I understand your desire in general. But for me and many people that I play with, the bigger picture is having game mechanics that minimize the repetitive nature inherent in this game. I have played thousands of matches, as most players have at this point in the game's life, and I would like to play thousands more. The strict template mechanics introduced in 9.18 or any mechanics that lessen the variety of the game should be avoided. After 6 months of this new MM, I am actually indifferent to seeing all the same tier matches. They tend to be the dullest matches I have. That could just be
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