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  1. Yeah. 3/5/7 was never tested properly. The test server is a horrible laboratory for a strict template test. It is mostly tier 10 matches.
  2. WG admits the MM is a failure: Maybe they will properly fix it now so we get an even balance of top, middle, and bottom tier matches again? Use the old MM's system for team creation (no strict templates) and combine it with the current team balancing mechanics that we have now. Even experience with top, middle, and bottom, and even teams.
  3. It was posts like yours and some others last year that encouraged me to dig into the data and discover this information and eventually to crusade about the issue. So in a way, I should be thanking you too! /salute! Good luck out there on the battlefield!
  4. Can someone please identify which program or website Circon is using here at 22:43? https://youtu.be/p4EJW4pu1BI?t=22m43s
  5. As a collector, I'd like to see the Type 59 (yes, I said it. Somebody was going to). And I don't want it to be part of some $900 bundle either. I know it is a pretty mediocre medium these days, but it would be nice to play it a few times before I stop playing this game.
  6. Sorry 3MAJ86. I didn't see your reply here until now. :-\ I don't know if Excel export would work. Do you mean comma delineated (or something like that? It's been a long time since I played with that stuff).
  7. I have Office, but without Access. So I couldn't really do much with it.
  8. You're welcome! You took time out of your life to help out, and you didn't have to do that. I appreciate it. You can send me the info, if you want. How large is the file? It is the replays?
  9. No, it is okay. Approximate numbers are good. I was off by one, but I will check my math again. Thank you for all of your help! I sent you a small gift. It is from my EU account, Bisquik. Good luck out there on the battlefield!
  10. This is great 3MAJ86! Do you have the actual numbers for each tier? 1 bottom = 7 2 bottom = 9? 3 bottom = 5? 4 bottom = 11? 5 bottom = 32? 6 bottom = 61? 7 bottom = 64? 8 bottom = 32? 9 bottom = 7? I know I must be off somewhere. Can you let me know which one it is? THANK YOU again for your help! I appreciate it!
  11. This was a nice write-up to put the event into perspective. Thanks. I'll attempt all three until the grinds or the wife force me to stop.
  12. This weekend would be great. Thank you again for your help! I appreciate it!
  13. Hi 3MAJ86. I hate to bother you again, but if you still have your old match information, can you tell me how many bottom tier tanks were in your bottom tier matches? How often were you a single bottom tier tank at tier 8? Or in a group of 2, 3, or 4?
  14. I understand your desire in general. But for me and many people that I play with, the bigger picture is having game mechanics that minimize the repetitive nature inherent in this game. I have played thousands of matches, as most players have at this point in the game's life, and I would like to play thousands more. The strict template mechanics introduced in 9.18 or any mechanics that lessen the variety of the game should be avoided. After 6 months of this new MM, I am actually indifferent to seeing all the same tier matches. They tend to be the dullest matches I have. That could just be
  15. All same tier, and even +1/-1 are awfully dull propositions for a system. While they are fine to have sometimes, when they are the only system it would drive people away from the game. The predictable nature of the 3/5/7, 5/10, and same tier matches is already becoming overly tedious to me.
  16. I wasn't offended. I just didn't want to offend you. I can understand your preference for all the same tier battles. They are fun sometimes. I just wouldn't like them all the time. My wife is going to kill you, then me for diverting my attention to another hour of "her" time with forum posts. 6/6/3 vs. 4/6/5 is close. I get your point. The old MM did create mismatches in tiers and classes due to the weight system it employed and believe me, I am not celebrating it. It had its own issues. Those issues could have been addressed by WG though, but instead they went with a
  17. Just a word about my writing style: when I rant about the MM, I am not attacking you. I am attacking a poorly thought out game mechanic by WG. You and everyone else here are probably good people and we're just having, what I hope is, a constructive conversation. My tone is my own defect. For me, it isn't just getting more bottom tier tanks to share my misery. It is about a few factors, including getting the same dull format over and over. It isn't exciting. It is predictably dumb and really makes moving up these tiers a real mental grind. Our level in the match does matter too. Being
  18. Sorry, not end of discussion. This new MM brutalizes new players, even in tiers 6 and 7. And most players have an easier time grinding when they are top or middle tier. Do you deny that top and middle tier are better than bottom? Combined with the fact that the old MM gave a good spread of tanks in most bottom tier battles, that left only a small fraction of a player's battles that were challenging. So to avoid 5 or 6 challenging battles out of 100, we get a dull predictable system that sucks the life and variety right out of this game. Great trade-off.
  19. Actually, I go on and on about variety. Bottom tier is just a dull fact. In the old MM you didn't face bad teams most of the time as a bottom tier tank, and the bulk of your games were top and middle tier. I'd say that is much better than 60% of your games being bottom tier now. Face it. The old system gave a good spread of top, middle, and bottom tier matches and a good spread of tanks in those matches. The old system also had much more variety! Something this current system lacks. That isn't bullshit, it is reality.
  20. The most popular tier is broken.The MM is broken. The most expensive tier of premium tanks sold by WG is a mess. There are A LOT of unhappy customers out there. Also, EVERY tier suffers from the same boring strict template system. You might enjoy VERY repetitive gameplay, but there are many players that would rather have more variety.
  21. Over time you see a general trend. I looked at 200 of my own games and also 200 of a friend of mine. He had more top tier games than me and I had more middle tier games than him. There were a few things that remained constant. For both of us, the worst matches we had in those 200 games was being in a group of 3 tanks at the bottom in only 3 games each. There were no single tank or two tank bottom tier games for either of us in those 400 games. Now obviously sooner or later it would happen since someone has to be the single tank. I'd guess that it happened very rarely, but it obviously did happ
  22. When I thought the goons who run our governments couldn't surprise me anymore, they even hide shit like this too. Wow! I recall hearing years ago that the EU squashed a study on second hand smoke because it went against the narrative that it was bad for you. In other words, the study showed that it wasn't bad for you. Thanks for sharing this.
  23. WG can sue them since they patented this idea years ago.
  24. I mistook the tone of your response and I was reacting to it. My apologies. Perhaps we can both learn to communicate more diplomatically in the future. As for the main topic, MM differences, the positive changes that were made to the current MM could have been implemented in the old system while retaining most of the positive aspects of the old system as well. The move to a strict template system was unnecessary and detrimental to the community as a whole. If we make a comparison checklist of positive characteristics between the previous dynamic system and the current static system, the o
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