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  1. Dont have money to skip them FeelsBadMan Mabye I should add some replays but in patch 9.19.02 I was just grinding IS and that shitty tier 7 AMX heavy so I have none
  2. Im talking about tier 8 +, cuz I dont give a f*ck about stats on lower then that
  3. Thank you for answers guys, but majority of them were not to what I asked, but thats all my fault becouse the question was not good. Im asking about playing aggressively like this: playing aggressively = trying to push line when enemy has like 2+ less tanks from beggining of the fight - making aggressive peeks like trading lose for example 240 to deal 300 or even lose more. playing passively = trying to safe HP for end of the battle, making peeks from hulldown or sidescrap, peeking after enemy fires, when he is looking at other one, when he has extreemly low alfa and bad chance to pen me, trading 3 for 1-2 (witch dont have big chance to hit/pen - 140 in hulldown) snap shooting with like 10% or less chance for enemy to hit me ..... Now should get the point of what Im talking about. P.S. the skill level of me now is about 2600 wn8 recently with normal tanks so im not total bigginer but not even purple player.
  4. Hi, I have been thinking a lot about that and I still dont know if I should head my playstyle to play more aggressively or to not. The low winrate to the wn8 tells me that I sould, but other stats connected with this that no. What I should be more looking at ? On that bad winrate compared to my wn8 and try to play even more agressively or on things like avg. spots per battle (1.96) or on survival rate (24.21%) And is possible that over aggression in battles can affect badly on winrate compared to wn8 ?
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