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  1. well your being a meanie! and you just hurted my feelings whats that highest level you talk about? tier 10? , the promised land where all real men come together right? im 100k away for me first tier 10 on this account and my observation from this recent grind is that higher tier are easier , 10 wn8 bobbers with their recent aim helpers that will penn and destroy your modules every hit from accross the map are making it for my goal complete unplayable to be honest german pow powah alone PzKpfw II Ausf. J , PzKpfw 38H735 and B2 i dont play russsian scared what ppl might think if i started to drive russian op tank makes it all meaningless......
  2. aha , well i did verified it , redid it to make sure its a shameless reroll and its just for shits and giggles my client doesnt have tonks beyond t4 what game do you play?
  3. need to expand my list with lovers for the winrar i dont play that much and lately i dont see anyone on of my list when i log so bob with shitty wr needs friends thats do play for wr alone
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