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  1. Wow, copyright threats. I wonder how "WG" thought that would work for them. However I understand that WG removes SirFoch as a CC as the video was way overboard. I enjoy his "saltiness" but it was just unproffesional opening with "this wont be a Chryster video" and then going on with "fuck the tank, fuck WG , fuck...".
  2. Thank you for the response. Ive tried some parts of that but I dont really know how to put it to use. Im trying to look at composition of the teams but counting meds/heavys and where they likely go is pretty much my level. Level stupid. Myself I only use "general locations" for the type of tank Im in or support a flank if its for example weak/outnumbered heavy tanks. Then I try to get a offensive position which sometimes gets me in deep trouble because Im left alone/overextend. Other than that I look at the flanks, if Im outnumbered I just try to hold it or push it if we have
  3. Hello WLs. Lets make a long story short - I have a trouble winning games even with "OK" recents. The only tanks I have a WR that matches is OP tanks such as Patriot and Defender. I usually got good WR in sub 50-70 games but after that it goes to total shit sometimes even with "good stats". Such tank is T-10, 2200 avg damage but still shitlord 53%. I dont know what to do. Im trying to get early damage and die or Im alive alone trying to scrape up some damage. Trying to look at map and isolate targets but I cant get it to work. Im trying to hang out with the big boys in forum ch
  4. MM seems to be a problem on NA server due to low population. On EU I got ALOT of 1-tier games even when running 3 man toons its not rare. Arta numbers seem very low as well, its only games here and there with 3 artys, otherwise its 0-2.
  5. Ive been getting a fair bit of top tier in 5, 8 and 9. Tier 6-7 not so much but occansional +1s. Single tiers I get too. To my suprise I only see 3 artys in around half the games with a few without it at all. Small sample thou around 40 games.
  6. I think its hard to discuss the changes because it more or less total rework of arties roll. Some of them are great, some of them are fine and some are crap. Changes to arty would be great if it was limited to 1 per team and if they slightly change the stun overlap 2 would work fine but if we are talking about 3 per team (or toon which is banned) the stun gets very powerful and you can shut down a flank for how long you desire. Splash and stun is somewhat broken in itself as it "works" when it should have not, maybe they can code it again for a slightly less AoE and not to go
  7. I just dont understand the "I mean its bad but he can take cover and wait"-arguements. We can say the same thing about 9.17. Dont like getting one-shot by AP arty? Oh well, just camp it out..? It should be really easy to understand that a broken mechanic like that will create lots of situation where you will just rage due to how it worked? How many 1v1 situations do you have to lose becuase of stunning thru objects before you acknowledge its broken? For every "he can just sit it out" there is 9 situations where you are completly fucked because arty decided to take your l
  8. This is "new" HD turret, 37mm got alot bigger. * Not really scale 1:1 but anyway. * Beside the gun its around 250mm vs 270mm.
  9. After getting both I must say I enjoy the T62a more after the HD-nerf to obj140. Sure, the -1 degree gundepression and 5km/h top speed is felt, no doubt about that but you will learn how to work that 5 degree without any real problem, its almost like it teaches you to use your surrounding more to get that extra degrees. If the enemy is "up to date" with changes they will overmatch your roof with 120mm guns and the area which is overmatch-able got almost twice as big from the front and the HD-cupolas could be shot from the Moon. Edit - and like Matross said about module damage bu
  10. Everyone is easy target when stun and splash works thru object, walls and different heights.
  11. Not sure if clickers have infested this place or what the hell is going on when some people actually defends a mechanic that splash and stun thru objects and other tanks. Its utterly broken and nothing else. There is no logical explaination in the world that arty should be able to stun a tank which is NOT line of sight from the impact and the same goes for damage. Are you kidding me when you say "the walls are thin"? Well then - let all 15cm guns shoot thru object and buildings. It prevents camping Calling it stun is also bullshit. The stats are presented on WoT homepage - the
  12. Is there any streams to watch how it works Live? Ive tried the CT server and didnt like how the stun worked and pulling the numbers from WG make it retarded. Engine-specific power decreases 30% and the speed—25%. Suspension traverse speed decreases 20%, while the turret traverse—40%. View range deteriorates 25%. Dispersion on the move increases 50%, dispersion upon turning the hull and turning the turret each increases equally. Reload and aim time increase 50% each. Accuracy decreases 25%. Is it just me who thinks the numbers is way too high? Loo
  13. I think most of us see both good and bad things from changes to arty and that is the problem. What upsets me is the double penalty. Youre not only hit and tracked but you pay a penalty for 10-20s after and you are CRIPPLED during this time. Sure, its fine if you are hit when youre cruising to another position but if engaged in a fight its a huge nerf to the vehicle. Its not only movements but reloading time, bloom values and everything between. In short - your tank sucks and is defenseless against an un-stunned vehicle. All of this is just so dumb - WG - please motivate a double penalty.
  14. You have to be shitting me. Nice "balanced" mm.
  15. I have my colors disabled. However alot of good players raved at the arty changes but thats when XVM-manual doesnt exist for arty players. Thats why I am asking how it is now - with the colors. Im pretty sure they will change opinion.
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