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  1. S35 CA (bathtub) (300 AP, 330 APCR is crazy high alpha at tier 5) SU-152 (750 dmg at tier 7 is god-like, but sadly the way of the Heatenator will no longer exist in 2019) Tortoise (Use to be the 9 before the deathstar, I doubt many grind to get the Badger nowadays, but this thing, while slow, can be harder to pen than a T95 now with its new armor layout and woe to anyone that doesn't have a repair kit, and btw you thought the cupola was a weak spot? Good luck getting the shot JUST perfect to pen it.) Type 5 Ke-Ho (I have a tourney buddy that absolutely loves this tank)
  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Thank you so much. In other news, 8_Hussars when I go to your link (because I'm curious about what information I can glean), the page will load for about a second and then crash.
  3. I need help finding the most educational thread about crew and tank xp training that I found recently on WoT Eu Forums (fairly new thread, least 2018). Since I have no login, I can't use the search function, but whoever did it, did an amazing job explaining how the xp was distributed between tank and crew, how each type of personal reserves work, and how to maximize each type. But google isn't helping me find it again. Halp?
  4. What's the general consensus of the 705A? Good? Bad?
  5. See my previous correction post. HT15 With honors. Just blocking obscene amounts of damage doesn't do it anymore. You have to do damage as well.
  6. I should make sure I clarify. 15.3 with honors. So that 25% of your own team's damage is rough for a Maus.
  7. I was curious what the consensus was for the best tank for getting HT 15 done (12,000 combined damage taken, blocked, and done). I don't have the type 5. So the question is Super Conqueror or Maus?
  8. Looking at the tech tree as a whole, one has to wonder if they plan on making a full medium line to the 30b. https://tanks.gg/techtree/france Once they connect tier 5 to tier 9, they might fix some of those issues. Then again, they might not because reasons.
  9. Curious you guys would suggest camo. I suppose it's worthwhile versus heavies. I'm a little surprised about armorer instead of Deadeye, but I can understand the reasoning. Armorer could work pretty well with my equipment setup. Swapping repairs out for JoAT is actually a really good idea. I rarely, rarely, have instances where I'm tracked and waiting for my repair skill to repair my tracks.
  10. I'm considering resetting my crew skills once I unlocked the m48, not just retraining my m46 crew for the m48. It basically amounts to dropping camo and losing/gaining other more useful skills than I have currently. I plan on using Gun Rammer, Vents, and Vert Stabilizer for equipment. Right now, their skills are: I plan to make them: Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Repairs, Camo, Recon Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Eagle Eye, Recon, Repairs Gunner: BiA, Snap S, Repairs, Camo, Desig Tar
  11. Buy back your patton. Don't buy back the m103. Tier for tier, M103 is probably the worst of all the US heavies. T1 Heavy and M6 are better imo with T29 being top dog and e5 being realy good for its tier. As for other feedback, I think the rest of the guys covered it.
  12. So the title of the thread gives two options- the stg or the t-44. So that would imply I'm asking for feedback on those two specific tanks. And then there's my actual original post above: "Which is the preferred medium in the new 3/5/7 format?"
  13. I'm sorry that you think this is helpful. You're clearly wasting your time. I'm asking about preferred medium crew trainers as mentioned in the OP. Not heavies.
  14. Do you really use the mod1 over any other Russian medium premiums? That's curious if true. Its speed hurts the soul. IMO you really need 1 of 2 things if playing a tier 8 medium with 10's: speed and/or alpha. It doesn't really have either. T-44-100 has speed. STG has alpha. Not helpful.
  15. Which premium is the preferred medium in the new 3/5/7 format? For instance I've shelved my CDC in favor of the M4 because alpha and gun depression just work SO much better. CDC was fun pre 3/5/7, but its armor and low alpha are just painful now.
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