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    Prognosis of 705A?

    What's the general consensus of the 705A? Good? Bad?
  2. I need help finding the most educational thread about crew and tank xp training that I found recently on WoT Eu Forums (fairly new thread, least 2018). Since I have no login, I can't use the search function, but whoever did it, did an amazing job explaining how the xp was distributed between tank and crew, how each type of personal reserves work, and how to maximize each type. But google isn't helping me find it again. Halp?
  3. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Thank you so much. In other news, 8_Hussars when I go to your link (because I'm curious about what information I can glean), the page will load for about a second and then crash.
  4. I was curious what the consensus was for the best tank for getting HT 15 done (12,000 combined damage taken, blocked, and done). I don't have the type 5. So the question is Super Conqueror or Maus?
  5. Vampiresbane

    For 1.01, what's better for HT 15.3, S Conq or Maus?

    See my previous correction post. HT15 With honors. Just blocking obscene amounts of damage doesn't do it anymore. You have to do damage as well.
  6. Vampiresbane

    For 1.01, what's better for HT 15.3, S Conq or Maus?

    I should make sure I clarify. 15.3 with honors. So that 25% of your own team's damage is rough for a Maus.
  7. Vampiresbane

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    Looking at the tech tree as a whole, one has to wonder if they plan on making a full medium line to the 30b. Once they connect tier 5 to tier 9, they might fix some of those issues. Then again, they might not because reasons.
  8. I'm considering resetting my crew skills once I unlocked the m48, not just retraining my m46 crew for the m48. It basically amounts to dropping camo and losing/gaining other more useful skills than I have currently. I plan on using Gun Rammer, Vents, and Vert Stabilizer for equipment. Right now, their skills are: I plan to make them: Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Repairs, Camo, Recon Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Eagle Eye, Recon, Repairs Gunner: BiA, Snap S, Repairs, Camo, Desig Tar Gunner: BiA, Snap S, Deadeye, Desig Target, Repairs Driver: BiA, Smooth, Repairs, Camo, Off-Road Driver: BiA, Smooth, Clutch Breaking, Off-Road, Repairs, Radioman: BiA, Sit Awa, Repairs, Camo, Fire Fight Commander (new for M46): BiA, 6th Sen, Repairs, Recon, JoAT Loader: BiA, Safe St, Repairs, Camo, Adrenaline Loader: BiA, Sit Aware, Safe St, Adrenaline, Repairs Thoughts? Feedback? Some minor changes really, but I'm finding anyone with view range is spotting me automatically. That camo skill just doesn't seem to be helping much at all with the m46 even though it's maxed and the M48's camo is only going to get worse than the m46's.
  9. Vampiresbane

    M48 patton preferred crew skills for a 5 skill crew

    Curious you guys would suggest camo. I suppose it's worthwhile versus heavies. I'm a little surprised about armorer instead of Deadeye, but I can understand the reasoning. Armorer could work pretty well with my equipment setup. Swapping repairs out for JoAT is actually a really good idea. I rarely, rarely, have instances where I'm tracked and waiting for my repair skill to repair my tracks.
  10. Vampiresbane

    Worth buying back tier 9s for free xp?

    Buy back your patton. Don't buy back the m103. Tier for tier, M103 is probably the worst of all the US heavies. T1 Heavy and M6 are better imo with T29 being top dog and e5 being realy good for its tier. As for other feedback, I think the rest of the guys covered it.
  11. Which premium is the preferred medium in the new 3/5/7 format? For instance I've shelved my CDC in favor of the M4 because alpha and gun depression just work SO much better. CDC was fun pre 3/5/7, but its armor and low alpha are just painful now.
  12. Vampiresbane

    T-44-100 or STG in the new 3/5/7 mm format?

    So the title of the thread gives two options- the stg or the t-44. So that would imply I'm asking for feedback on those two specific tanks. And then there's my actual original post above: "Which is the preferred medium in the new 3/5/7 format?"
  13. Vampiresbane

    T-44-100 or STG in the new 3/5/7 mm format?

    I'm sorry that you think this is helpful. You're clearly wasting your time. I'm asking about preferred medium crew trainers as mentioned in the OP. Not heavies.
  14. Vampiresbane

    T-44-100 or STG in the new 3/5/7 mm format?

    Do you really use the mod1 over any other Russian medium premiums? That's curious if true. Its speed hurts the soul. IMO you really need 1 of 2 things if playing a tier 8 medium with 10's: speed and/or alpha. It doesn't really have either. T-44-100 has speed. STG has alpha. Not helpful.
  15. Vampiresbane

    WGNA up to Shenanigans again

    I saw this earlier on the WoT forums. I didn't see it recently so I assume the original post was removed so I added my own. It's important consumer information for us all; help spread awareness. Incidentally, the policy in place is still listed as this: If Cabbage is receiving direction from on-high, don't be surprised if the linked policy above is changed for contests. I would view this an instance meeting either of the following qualifications: gifted a Premium Tank that you already own (A WG employee is technically gifting you a tank as a result of winning a contest; it's also how other players give out prizes for their own contests) -or- Winning a Premium Tank in a live event (Twitch stream, player gathering, social media, etc) Winners of said contest do not meet the qualifiers listed below for silver credit compensation: On-Track Missions with a Premium Tank reward (not an On-Track mission) Events via any other mission (Daily Log-In, Month Long Missions) (not an in-game mission) You will still receive Credit compensation for bonus codes for Premium Tanks you already own (bonus code was never used) (Posting this in wotlab forum as well as WoT forums because, frankly, the WoT forums post will probably be pulled.)
  16. Do you mind sharing that math? Could be useful for more discussion.
  17. Vampiresbane

    Elimination: Tier 8 Special Edition!

    IS-3: 30 Object 416: 12 - 3 = 9 Poor gun depression, not fully traversable turret. Lowe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 33 Rhm. Skorpion: 16 Obj. 252U/Defender: 29 +1 = 30 As much as it pains me, this P2W piece of trash has better armor in places than the IS7, better alpha than ANY gun in tier 8. It's the "Maus" of tier 8 currently. You need 5% more win rate? You buy Defender. Ya. Rasha. Lorraine 40t: 3
  18. Many people don't agree with me, but I'm going to quote my thoughts I previously posted on WoT forums about how to use Mentor effectively. link As far having Mentor as your 6th skill, that's just silly. You're honestly better off with camo on a tank like the Maus then mentor at that point. link
  19. Vampiresbane

    Judging performance - how to?

    Sure, I won't disagree with that statement. I definitely don't feel like I've played well in a tier 8 until I'm getting passed the 2500 damage threshold. I know I've done really well if I get 4k or higher.
  20. Vampiresbane

    Has the repair skill lost value?

    Preventive maintenance is far from useless. Specially on frontal engine tanks. I imagine a lot of Fv215b players would also disagree with that statement.
  21. Vampiresbane

    Judging performance - how to?

    I could quote SaintLaur's post too, but Veo's is much shorter. My main question revolves around whether or not we're talking "average damage per game overall" or what typical damage you should shoot for per match. 2k/game in a tier 8 is really high. Average should probably more like 1.6k. That's across all games. Just not necessarily what you should be shooting for in a winning game. Let's compare two sets of tier 8s. Emil 1 and Tiger II. My Tiger II has 1.67k/game. My Emil 1 has 2.1k/game. As you can see, 2k/game average is a REALLY high bar. That isn't easy by a long shot. Hell 1.6k average per game gives you high WN8 numbers for some tanks as can be seen by the Tiger II stats. Conclusion? An averge damage of 2k/game in a tier 8 is not realistic for 90-95% of the playerbase. It might not even be realistic for tier 9. It, however, should be each player's goal during a typical match.
  22. Here's my thought process and I'll separate it out. Bat Chat 25t AP For the Bat Chat 25t AP, 41 seconds (top gun) for the reload keeps me out of the battle so long, I feel like I'm having less of an impact. Sure 1800 damage is great. I can kill a whole 8 with that and various tier 9s. But part-of-the-meta-that-is-WoT is presence. If tanks are worried about an enemy tank (like a Conqueror or Emil or t62a) shooting them, their overall shot output will decrease. This in turn helps keep your allies (Pubs/Potatoes) alive longer. Another interesting bonus is my power to weight ration is better with the 90mm which means I feel less sluggish and the tier 9 batty feels sluggish with the top gun. So 1440 dmg, better presence with reload of 28s, better mobility, but worse overall pen -or- 1800 dmg, less presence with reload of 41s, slightly worse mobility, and better pen? t95 Now onto the t95. Slightly simpler question. Better dpm, less alpha (3300 dpm, 400 alpha) vs less dpm, more alpha (2900 dpm, 750 alpha)? Based on experience, I played better and tore more shit up when using the 120mm gun. Why? Most players were not A) expecting me to reload so quickly B) Keep them tracked in some cases and C) Not blow my load on a single high alpha shot. The 120mm doesn't allow tanks to as easily flank and get your sides or rear which, let's face it, is the main weakness of the t95. When I started using the 155mm, I was seeing higher damage games, but much less carries because the end game typically saw me facing 2 or 3 tanks-- I'd kill one or two, the leftovers would get my sides/rear. So better dpm or better alpha (120mm vs 155mm)? TLDR: For these two tier 9 tanks, I'm considering using the smaller gun because of the benefits they provide. BONUS QUESTION for t95: Camo net for 20m less enemy vision, toolkit for faster track repair, or vents to help max vision? (I use gun rammer, optics) I was leaning toolkit, but I'm realizing I can pair optic and vents to get 445 view range.
  23. Vampiresbane

    Has the repair skill lost value?

    Side question: has repair speed at 100% gotten longer since the advent of reusable consumables or is it just confirmation bias? I swear it's longer now despite being at a full 100%. I'll have to check my old repair times (I used to time them using different gear and setups to compare using a stop watch.)
  24. Yup, I have that tank. It's fun as hell now. I'm really just grinding the 25t AP to unlock the tier X. And ug Trump. What a douche. Guy can't even keep business leaders happy and he's a "business leader."
  25. So if I hear you guys right, you all think I'm crazy. Ok, fairly convinced using the 2nd top guns isn't the best idea. Thank you for letting me bounce this idea off of your collective heads.