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  1. The CPU-Z screenshot however says your memory runs in single channel. Either it reads wrong or it does run in single channel - sorry for the dumb question but do you have the sticks right next to each other (1 in grey slot 1 in black) or do you have them in slots "1" and "3" (so both in grey or both in black)? If the former, you're running in single channel despite having 2 sticks, and need to switch to latter.
  2. I'd say the best bang-for-your--buck card right now is 1080 - it's fairly regularly on sale for ~400$, and EVGA occasionally sells cards w/o retail box, they had a sale like that yesterday too - 350$ Also keep an eye out on that subreddit, lots of good deals if you're from US.
  3. Hmmm, that's about 36% in synthetic benchmark - although drivers are probably not really on point yet, then again I don't think Timespy would be too affected by drivers. Honestly even if the performance surprises us all, I still can't get over the pricing. They just set a new pricing standard for xx70/80/80Ti, and I doubt future generations will go for less than this one.
  4. zdJNFm4.png?1

    Unbiased tech youtuber is unbiased :kappa:

    For context - reply to this tweet 


    I mean AMD showed us the actual chip, real consumer grade motherboards that support it and a cooler. Sure they didn't give us specs apart from core count, but that doesn't mean the chip does not exist - it's basically 4 x 2700 or 32 core Epyc on "12"nm.

    Meanwhile Intel be like "5GHZ 28 CORE CHIP COMING LATER THIS YEAR (yeah don't ask us what is the server MB or the chiller supposed to mean).

    As far as I'm concerned the AMD product is more real than the Intel.

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    2. Marty


      I know, it's 8180 most likely, on crazy MB and with cooling you won't run daily.

      It's just that saying 28 core Intel chip marketed as 5GHz CPU (Intel also said that they "forgot" to mention it's overclocked :jebaited:) is real and Threadripper 2 isn't is either misinformed, biased or just plain stupid, neither of those being something I'd expect from someone doing tech reviews. 

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      tbf all the tech journalists covering it are fucking morons if they didn't look at the stupid thing with the bajillion pipes in it. 

    4. Android25


      Personally I hate AMD but I want them to do well because I hold their stock :3

  5. I have 2 questions: -Why are they even testing it if they don't want to put it into the game? you could say they just want to know how it'd play and if it might work, and that there's a lot of internal testing we never see going on, and those are valid points, but then there's the second question -Do they actually expect it to be even remotely balanced with stats like that, not even considering the profile of the armor? Unless they're placeholder which is possible I guess, Rita has full stats from Tank Inspector and shell velocity is weird, and camo is strangely flat (10% stationary/
  6. Extra stats - terrain resistances look terrible, overall it looks like SConq without depression (comparable gun and the mobility might be similar aswell) , we'll see if the armor makes up for that.
  7. About those fires.... Object 277 Changed the arrangement of the internal modules (ammo rack and fuel tanks) WG heard your complaints and addressed this in Test Server #2.... now is it a further nerf or a buff? :thinking:
  8. If I saw those stats 2-3 years ago I'd be pretty confident that they'll either neft it or it's balanced by soft stats. Now.... I'm not sure. M4A1 sacrifices mobility and armor to get a high alpha gun (for a medium) with decent pen and very nice handling. This looks like Cent 1 with more hull armor and doubled alpha dmg, and not much else changed.
  9. Depending on how talkative you are, it could help a lot. When starting, don't really expect your chat to be active, and if you're not the most talkative person, you might often have long streaks of silence - and as a viewer, if I don't have anyone to chat with and the streamer is not doing anything to capture my attention, I'm basically watching silent walkthrough, but of an online game and I can't even skip the boring parts. So getting a platoonmate you can talk to and fill the blank moments, especially if you have a nice chemistry, will definitely be helpful. If you feel like you can en
  10. I would not really touch the rangefinder - we've seen how it can destroy tanks like M48, E5 or Foch. Maybe make it a little bit bigger or little weaker (10-20mm), but not something big and easy to pen. I would leave the "big" lower plate and upper plate as they are, the upper plate is an interesting weakness IMO, but the "lower" lower plate needs to be much bigger, atleast double the height compared to what it is now. The bloom of the gun needs a major nerf, it's stupid that this tank can rock forward and backward making it hard to hit the "weakspots" and doesn't need to sit still e
  11. I actually didn't know how bad Anandtech is, but I checked their original Coffee Lake review - someone claimed Anandtech is the only website with correct results, because they used Meltdown+Spectre patches, that's why Intel is so down on performance - obviously the FPS in both original and new review are basically the same from the graphs I've looked at so it's complete bullshit. However when looking through it I found this.... 7400>8400>8700K ok....
  12. Just in case anyone will take that review seriously, those gaming benchmarks are completely off compared to any other review out there (and previous gen ryzen aswell). Not even XFR 2 and XMP (and MB tinkering with RAM frequency/timings in any way) can't make that sort of a difference.
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